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First; also been chiefs fan since birth, I love this team more than words can describe

    floatpool pool

    I remember when you were a toddler and your first words were …Dan Saleumua …you were awesome even back then.

    Big Bear Merriott

    since I was 4 I am 53 now

    Clinton Baltazor

    @Big Bear Merriott 53 huh! Well you should study the number 53 and how it is scripted into every game.

    Terry McBride

    Derrick Henry’s using Performance Enhancement Drugs


Ngl I can watch that Sorenson tackle all day. Masterpiece.

    Command Magellan

    The best play of the game.


Texans still shaking their heads.


The chiefs are winning the SB. Like to activate.

    Bonnie Keough

    Lol, epic way to force folks to like your comment. I had no freaking choice!!

    Command Magellan

    These Titans are dangerous. If the Chiefs can score 35-38 points, they will win. It’s all up to Mahomes and his receivers.

    Terry McBride

    Derrick Henry’s Performance Enhancement Drugs

Andrew Sundberg


Damone Hogan

Go Chiefs!

Rob Heart

Let’s goooo chiefs let’s win it all boys

Royals Fan

Kansas City Chiefs My team the chiefs are going to do well kelce and hill and mahomes I hope have a great game we just need to contain Henry and we will win because tannehill passing is not good because they count on running Plus if the chiefs defense gets turnovers we will win and finally if the offense keeps scoring we will win GO Chiefs!!!!!!!!

    Terry McBride

    Derrick Henry’s using Performance Enhancement Drugs

Ricardo Masvidal

Mahomes proved why he’s the future of the NFL. Its gonna be fun watching him and Deshaun battle for years to come it’s kind of like the next generation Manning vs Brady.


    Ricardo Masvidal joe burrow joining the bengals too. Pretty soon it’s gonna be all the best qbs in the AFC

Sebastian Arias Pineda

Falcons: we have the title for the biggest choke

Texans: hold my beer

Brian Longoria

I’m from San Antonio and I liked the chiefs since 2012 and people call me a bandwagon and most of them are pats fans πŸ’€

    Courtney Lorello

    Just ignore them! You have the entire Chiefs Kingdom behind you! Go Chiefs!! β€πŸ’›

    Brian Longoria

    Courtney Lorello yessir goo chieffsssss!!!!!

    Sly Tater

    The Chiefs are for everyone, not just those from The City. We all love our Chiefs LETS GO GET THIS CHAMPIONSHIP!!!


We are playing like champions! We are so close I can taste that Lombardi

Chief Football

I’m ready to run through a brick wall. CAN’T WAIT

samson gersing

Amazing CHIEFS kingdom

Tyler Prince

Ahhhhhhhhh I really hope we can beat the Titans, I’m a little nervous about it but I believe the Chiefs can do it

Khoa Pham

Let’s get it!! Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Champions!!!!! 🏈 πŸ†

Official Beam

I dont think yall understand how lethal that Tyrann pass breakup was.

Rodora Zuba

Just one game away to the SB LIV. The way our KC Chiefs play, there’s no way of slipping it away !!! The most deserving team to go to the Superbowl… Our KC Chiefs, no ifs and no buts , they’ll just prove it come Sunday. πŸ™‹Let’s GO CHIEFS !!!


One underrated play came on the kickoff following the Chiefs 5th TD. Williams was penalized for taunting and Butker missed the XP, then had to kick off from the 20. This could’ve led to a momentum changing play on the kickoff.
Instead, Butker kicks the ball 80 YARDS to the goal line and the Texans only get to the 25.

Bray Forte

I’m so glad I went to this game. Life long memory. #ChiefsKingdom

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