Looking At The Film of Vikings RB Dalvin Cook’s Big Day vs. Oakland Raiders | Baldy’s Breakdowns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Samuel Thao Reply


Connor Vlogs Reply

Yolo cook

Diggs. Sideline. PODCAST! Reply

Best RB in the GAME…. seriously is there anyone who disagrees??

    Diggs. Sideline. PODCAST! Reply

    Jordan Golde love the hot take Jordan

    Yahya Yusuf Reply

    Jordan Golde but saquon is injured now

    Chase Lamere Reply

    I’ll take Saquon, Zeke, Kamara and Le’Veon over him

    Diggs. Sideline. PODCAST! Reply

    Chase Lamere bruuhhhhhh.

    daniel Reply

    Diggs. Sideline. PODCAST! He’s right though

AGK927 Reply

Celebrating like you just beat the packers or Patriots lol it’s just the raiders go packers 1st place baby

    Legoat James Reply

    Packers won’t make playoffs

    Legoat James Reply

    @PURPLE PEOPLE EATERS kirk just being stupid wit that int in endzone.killed us. We will beat packers when they come here

    brettan webber Reply

    😂😂😂 yall haven’t played anyone real but the vikes

    Space Ghost Reply

    AGK927 Packers fan can’t even follow their teams your more than welcome to become a Vikings fan since you follow the media

Ryan Damon Reply

Cook 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

YouTube Algorithmic Board of Safety Reply

Damn I love when Baldinger and his crooked finger breakdown these plays. I know the OL isn’t full of Pro Bowlers, but the improvement shown from last year to this year is remarkable. Hats off to Dennison and Kubiak for coaching these guys up. Stefanski deserves credit too. This zone scheme is perfect for Cook and Mattison. Just by running the ball effectively it changes the whole physical mindset of the entire team. The key is to control the clock, keep the other defense on the field to wear them down, and then let our rested defense unleash hell.

    Jordan Golde Reply

    I love it, but our passing game has seriously suffered. As much as our rushing game has improved from last season our passing game has regressed just as badly. I don’t just mean by the numbers I mean every passing play we have seems shaky and all of the successful ones seem like they would get blown up by a better defense or look lucky. That TD to Diggs in Green Bay could have easily been picked. Diggs and Thielen have had to make some ridiculous catches already. If any team finds a way to shut down Cook we’re in big trouble. Kirk isn’t worse than last season, but our pass protection is worse due to scheme and our WR route tree and pass play schematics are tiers below last season. Bears are gonna be tough. At last our defense looks back to 2017 form. And by GOD I love Colquitt. I’ve never said that about a punter before but he’s made some game changing plays through 3 games this season.

Squadron Elite Reply

Beautiful 💜 I love THIS kind of football skol!!

BVW28 Reply

He’s legit insane

hothand 132 Reply

look at how great this blocking scheme is working!!!!!

Bryan Reply

The 3rd and 18 wasn’t a first down, the penalty gave us the first down. He got stopped a yard or 2 short

    Jacob Bastian Reply

    His knee was down short but the refs put it past the marker originally


“Scheme of Stefanski”

“Scheme of Kubiak”


You Subscribe Reply

If he was to stay healthy and runs 125 yards every game . He will make 2 thousand yards …

Kevin Cannon Reply

Bradbury needs to finish more to often watching the end of plays

Chizzo Reply

great team effort. its a consistent run game.

b80 Reply

Love it! Can we give some love to our OL & for standing tall over last season?! So much improvement and still getting better by the week! SKOLITUP SON!

FakeUser NameTwo Reply

The oline ain’t working for Kirk, but dam they sure are working for Dalvin.

Mike's Spears Reply

Man I love this blocking scheme just beautiful!

JB Moore Reply

Did anyone notice what Dakota Dozier was doing to the defensive tackle he was blocking in these highlights? He brings some legitimate power to the Vikings interior line. This isnt another over hyped backup like Rashod Hill, Aviante Collins, or even Remmers; he’s something different….He’s looking like a very UNDERRATED pickup…and he’s getting better every game…
I really wouldn’t be surprised if Dozier and Sumia (if the latter stays in the playbook AND the weight room) weren’t the guard tandem of the future for the Vikings. We might finally get some POWER flanking Bradbury…..lord knows he could use the back up…

Space Ghost Reply

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Run Until the defense proves they can slow them down other than that keep the ball out of Kirks hands

UndoneDead guy Reply

Most talented running back in the NFL today. if he stays healthy, he’ll be the best RB in league, no doubt about it! SKOL

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