Locker Room Sound: Wednesday, 10/19 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Looking good Sammy! I tried to tell Rhule that baker wasn’t it and to stick with you. 😂 should’ve listened. Don’t win more than 2 more games though, we have a plan.

    Terrence Tate

    Whybigjordan it’s too late steve Wilks made his choice

    McKynze Grant

    Ayo facts 😂😂😂😂we need that 1 or 2. Pick

    Terrence Tate

    @McKynze Grant you think Mike Mccarthy should’ve been are head coach in the very beginning


    @Terrence Tate what lol

    Skitzo Heavy


Commy Gees

I think and I honestly think Sam is about to have a break out season

Daniel C.

THE GOAT!!!!!! 🐐


Dang Sam’s beard really IS connected lol


    Shi gas


Really hope he can get healthy here soon and Wilks give a him a look, Darold has the talent/measurables to be a starter in NFL

Steven Defeo

The beard makes him look like an adult and not a teenager.


    I hope he doesn’t cut it lmao it suits him

J Hyatt

Never been more ready to see Sam under center than right now

    Sportzz Storyzz



    Sam isn’t that great, but I can’t believe people thought Baker freakin Mayfield would be an upgrade.


    Yea Sam is not good but if it means Baker wont see the field I want sam in he can at least get to 200 passing yards and now that he has an O line I wanna see if he can actually hold his own

DelayedGreatness 2ndChance

I’m so happy Sam back😂😂😂I can’t believe I’m saying that


    We r insane

    Dezmon Zuniga

    @Dakotah we’re down bad 😂😂


    @Dezmon Zuniga yea we going through it man


    Well when your QB is giving you 150 yards a game and we lost 5 out of 6 it’s always good to see a qb who can at least start 3-0 and put up at least 200 yards a game 😭


At this point we happy to see sam


never thought id say this but.. PUT SAM IN!!!

The Raj Dave

Lmao same people who want Sam to start are going to be trashing him when he throws a pick 6 game 1 back lol 😂😂😂


The guy in the background looks like he wants to answer some questions too.

Micheal Blake

Yo that injury got Sam lookin a 8 year starter wtf😂

Thomas Gilley

Now that darnold has a beard hes gonna be our franchise QB

Sîdëshøw Røb 🔧

Comeback Player of the Year incoming



Terrance Atkins

It’s getting to the point I don’t even want to watch these YouTube videos but I’m here 😂


Sam “the Savior” Darnold. #WoahSam #SaMVP

Thor Draper Jr

Well this might be the best OL he’s had since being drafted.


Sam lookin like Cooper Rush with that beard now😈 take us to the promised land

Jeffrey Haverkos

Best qb we’ve had .hope rule and his but buddy Scott counting there millions$$$$ while us fans and players are a losing team!!!

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