Locker Room Sound vs Saints: Tyler Lockett “Making Exactly The Right Choice” | 2019 Seattle Seahawks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Locker Room Sound vs Saints: Tyler Lockett “Making Exactly The Right Choice” | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Go inside the Seahawks locker room to see what the players and coaches had to say about Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett in their third regular season game against the New Orleans Saints at CenturyLink Field.

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Shelton Shieh Reply

Sign ramsey

    Tyler Manning Reply

    sam hawkz yea they lost as a team and play bad as a team but Russ is apart of the team he could have played better everyone could have played better but we can’t just say oh Russ played good he needs to play great so does that defense they will rebound though and beat the cardinals

    Liquid Swords Reply

    Capo King not Ramsey’s decision. Jags didn’t like any of the offers. Ramsey doesn’t have leverage like Clowney to decide where to go.

    Liquid Swords Reply

    Agree. But Ramsey will not solve our problems. Our biggest problems is Coaching and turnovers.

    A Fucking Bird Reply

    @sam hawkz Dropping passes happens. Don’t worry about that we will bounce back! Gohawks!

    Shelton Shieh Reply

    A Fucking Bird you have the best username

Parker Bing Reply

Love Tyler great game from him and Russell

    Jacob Miles Reply

    Yo Rico and Tyler are having a brawl who’s gonna win?

    Rico Alexander Reply

    @Jacob Miles haha, sorry. I get heated after losses.

    Jacob Miles Reply

    Rico Alexander Lol. It’s all good. I got heated after the loss too. The only thing we can blame on is the hawks. We win as a team. We lose as a team.

    Tyler Manning Reply

    Jacob Miles Me obviously this kids just a fanboy who doesn’t see anything Russ does wrong 😂😂 and if it was a real brawl I would break his jaw 😂😂 he’s just a clown but seriously we’ll be better next week just some people need to stop babying Russ yea he’s a great player one of the best but when your one of the best you can’t have a bad game when your team needs you especially when your the highest paid player in the league

GammarayMage Reply


Jeremy Diaz Reply

It’s funny because it seems every team had shot themselves in the foot unless your the New England Patriots, I’m no expert but I’ve known football has been rigged since the beginning. They wont take my hard earn money no more

zagrus king Reply

This man doing everything he can for the team, fearless,smart,fast and want’s to win every game 👍

Taga Cale Reply

Smh Seahawks.

Liquid Swords Reply

Must win game next week. Coaching please please change 🙏🏼 we’re falling behind in the NFL. All teams know we’re stubborn and won’t adjust so they stack the box.

Amy Falcon Reply

❤❤❤#16 Lockett!!!👏👏👏💪💪💪🏈🏈🏈I was wearing your jersey today!! Missing my #89 Baldwin!!😭

Chris S Reply

It was the Wilson/Lockett show. Pffft.

    Anony Moose Reply

    Too bad that Wilson/Lockett show couldn’t connect when he was wide open in the endzone on 4th down. That cost the game.

A Fucking Bird Reply

We will bounce back! Our offense is clicking but our defense needs to improve, we also need to get better at not causing so many game changing penalties. Other than that we can make it to the Superbowl. GoHawks!💚💙

    billytheweasel Reply

    o line still… 3 ran for his life all game again

    A Fucking Bird Reply

    @billytheweasel The o-line played well mixed with some of RW3 magic

Steven Bruce Reply

Even when we went too the superbowl seahawks always had bad games they didnt show up in. Just fix it and move on

Anony Moose Reply

Poor clock management before the half turned out to be incredibly crucial. Had they called a timeout before that big play, they would have been able to kick a FG. Then we’re talking being able to kick a FG to atleast tie instead of having to go for it on 4th and miss a WIDE OPEN Lockett in the endzone. This team is a mess. Ifedi is the worst Olineman in the NFL, Schottenheimer sucks, Norton sucks, the secondary sucks, there’s no pass rush whatsoever and I don’t see Reed coming back and changing that, and Chris Carson needs to find a cure for his fumble-itis quick. 21 points given up in the last two games because of him.

billytheweasel Reply

Great game Tyler.
Everyone relax. They play like this early, remember?
Carson will be fine…

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