Locker Room Sound vs Rams: Seahawks React to Missed Field Goal | 2019 Seattle Seahawks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Locker Room Sound vs Rams: Seahawks React to Missed Field Goal | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Go inside the Seahawks locker room to see what the players and coaches had to say about watching the Rams kick their final during their fifth regular-season game against the Los Angeles team at .

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Amer Ahmed

What a win ! GO HAWKS

Rufus Prime

Couldn’t be prouder of my boys. Hell of a win. Couldn’t ask for a better birthday present!

    Kevin Vreeken

    Happy birthday brother

    James L.G.

    Happy Birthday Brother!!!…Go Hawks!!…and may the Lord grant you many more blessings to come!!!…

    Mixed Pebble

    Happy birthday, fellow 12th man!

    Joe K

    Happy birthday 🎂


    Happy Birthday to you 🎼 🎼
    🎼 Happy Birthday to me
    Happy Birthday to ‘Libras’ 🎼🎼
    🎼and Thank You 💚💙💚 GO HAWKS! …and many more!!


Rams played Hard Seahawks played hard Just a gutsy game were the Seahawks came out on Top!. Go Hawks.


I miss seattle

Mike S

Pause at 0:12 and look how close that is. What a game.

Trenton Keeler

I feel a playoff run coming


This whole year we’ve been getting lucky. Time for this team to man up.

    Evan Hasson

    TerrorWest How have we gotten lucky in the other 4 games?

    Joseph Webb

    Missing a 40+ field goal is not LUCK … especially when it’s his second one of the game ….

    And let me remind people there was a flag on those set of downs that sent the rams the way back …to like the 40 vs the 26 that’s not luck that’s football

    Cullen Rollo

    TerrorWest you can’t forget Myers missed a field goal before half time. That gave the rams all the momentum. If he had hit that we should have won by a more comfortable margin

    Seabass Cribel

    TerrorWest Did you forget the super bowl years? Having to come back against the bucs and their backup QB at the time?

    Mixed Pebble

    How about the cards game they had no chance

Mike Pancake

Hawks vs Rams is always must see tv.

Davin G.

I still have anxiety

    james ryu

    Davin G. Agreed

    Wes Takahashi

    This is how our games go.

Karen Setzer

Go Hawks This team is playing faster every week


Great win today boys

Mohammad Nasser

Good win way to go seahawks

BenYamin Ben-David

Good win Seahawks but like Tyler Lockett said please don’t ever put yourselves in that position again. Their were so many missed opportunities and a few missed points that could’ve been capitalized on that would’ve definitely put this game away. Offense continue to balance out the run and the pass and defense play more aggressive and challenge the ball, pass rush is looked good pressure rate looks good but Sacks look better

Good game
Go Hawks!

    Jan Gutierrez

    Ik we missed a field goal and another two points and that ziggy ansah penalty on Jared Goff were al mistakes we could have won by 10 points

Vicente jr Baldovinos

Pete carrol is a happy man. Go hawks

Far West

Wilson looks homeless lol great game buddy!

John Alexander Arango Valencia

In Colombia watching this game on Fox Sports 2, go Hawks 💚💙🇨🇴

Maurice Lamdul

My boys 💙💚🥳

James L.G.

Love@2pac with Carson


I was so happy when they were going for it late in the first half. When they changed and missed the field goal I knew the game would change. I was not happy until the Rams missed.

Stay Hungry

Probably expecting carrol to ice him

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