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Alberto Ortiz

We need antwuan woods back and tyron Smith and Luke Gifford and Randy Gregory and and we actually need Devin Smith out THERE

    Lil Sonic Recinos

    Jordan K he did watch the film against the saints Dak missed him twice on two critical third downs

    Alberto Ortiz

    @Lil Sonic Recinos and so what hater again wow u guy’s ain’t true DALLAS COWBOYS fans huh

    Lil Sonic Recinos

    Alberto Ortiz you’re stupid. I’m just pointing out missed opportunities that he should capitalize on. If u can’t see that then you’re not a true DALLAS COWBOYS FAN. So stfu🤫

    Brian Waller

    Oh wait, all we heard from these media pundits is this team has depth. Where is it? Few players miss time and this team can’t win games. It’s the same garbage every year

Lava LifeGuard

You guys embarrassed yourselves today!

    John Sickler

    You like that near comeback

    Paul Howell

    What guys ?

Dnice Sandoval

This is a very talented but very poorly coached team

    Retro Future 84-

    Dnice Sandoval Facts. Including arrogant

    Nick Heuser


    Guitarslingin Zombiekiller

    @Patricio Garcia Are you kidding? Kris Richard’s the DC and his defense can’t stop the run. Packers RAN for 4 TOUCHDOWNS! Rams ran for 273 yards in playoffs against Kris Richard defense, no thanks, he’s highly overrated!

    francisco garcia


    adrian g

    🤣 oh but u guys have 5 ring remember 😭

Jd Hendrix

Id rather smith play on crutches instead of a healthy fleming on field

    jay chandler

    Straight cake mix 🤦🏿‍♂️

    Darryl Cain

    @Brandon Steward cowboys didn’t get any yards until 2nd half when the game was almost over plus cowboys didn’t stop the run . Prescott threw for 329 yards in 2nd half but they were down 31-3 so the Packers stop playing the Cowboys and played against the clock

    Brandon Steward

    @Darryl Cain we were going down field in the first half. In the redzone cooper missed a pass which cause a interception. After that cowboys lost momentum. I dont know why our coaches are to dumb to not run zeke the whole damn time anyways.

    Darryl Cain

    @Brandon Steward cowboys only had 160 yards in first half

    Darryl Cain

    @Brandon Steward I agree Zeke should’ve gotten the ball more

Yong Wilson

We flat out got our asses handed to us! Dak finally threw the ball with conviction! I don’t care about the 3 ints, I saw someone work through his/team’s issues and feel ok going to be ok! Good luck next game! Go Dak, go Dallas Cowboys!

    Talkin Bout Nawlins

    Thats bullshit.some of those throws were Romo- like off his back foot thrown up on a prayer… make me will say anything to keep from admitting dak sucks lol

John Sickler

Cowboys beat themselves the first 3 quarters

    Talkin Bout Nawlins

    Assboys got outplayed in the first half.


    Yep… this wasn’t their coach, this was Aaron Rodgers, knowing exactly how to beat the red headed moron on the other side of the field. Don’t think after owning this clapping moron 7 now 8 times Rodgers doesn’t know how to beat him. He did, scored, and then scored again, and took Zeke out of the plan. Left it to his D and our limp arm QB and well we see how that worked out 3 INT’s. This game was over in the 1st qtr, just like it always is. Cowboys are soft, thumb sucking trash talkers who are convinced they will win by Garret simply because they are the Dallas Cowboys… 8-8 if were lucky, Jets may be a win, but I’m convinced Philly will chew us up and spit us out, just like NO and Gb did… were posers, plain and simple.

    Guillermo Gomez

    GW your dumb plain and stupid 2 of daks picks werent his fault, and he dropped a few dimes this game while having a dline men in his face all game and last time i checked ar-12 cant play defense and didnt run for four touchdowns, and the eagles have no secondary so what are they gonna do to stop cooper and gallup from having big days

Jordan Miller

90 million… for next to no pass rush

    Talkin Bout Nawlins

    Lol how many times we seen that through the years?


    For man rush…really


I can tell by Fleming’s demeanor…..The guy is “SOFT”

    J Car

    At the end of the Day Fleming makes Wayyy morrreee monneeyyy the all of us combined so he wins stop hating😂


    Ezekiel 25:17 Facts


    @J Car To make such a erroneous assumption is quite ironic; given the FACT that you don’t know any of us or what are finances contain

    kendell Corner

    I think he wants to get SACKED

Isaac Jackson

This team has no discipline, what a freaking joke

    Paul Howell



    Isaac Jackson if they had no discipline they would’ve got blown out


    Yeah cause Garrett is soft a its contagious


My Dallas Cowboys haven’t scared anyone in 24 years. This is getting old.

    Richard Coleman


    Paul Howell

    Maybe you should move in

    adrian g

    Go pack go 🧀🧀🧀

stanford hicks

You know if the Dallas Cowboys just stop talking in or doing interviews and just start doing their jobs they might win a couple games

    Paul Howell

    They already won a couple games dummy


    @Paul Howell they need to win a couple more, and against good teams now

    Shanta Cooley

    They have to do interviews or be fined trust me most of them would live it no to have it as part of their job.

    Paul Howell

    @Reserved I know dude I’m just messing around. When you’re typing words sometimes people don’t get that you’re just goofing around. I agree with you 100 percent

Captain Cookie

What about demarcus Lawrence where that fool at


    @GetMoney23 The King That’s when the other players step up. Its a team game!

    Shanta Cooley

    Oh no Captain Cookie Dak is getting all the blame

    GetMoney23 The King

    Will090681 totally agree man 💯

G Potter

Lets be real fellas, he sounds like he works at a nail salon.

    Dre Ball

    I think that’s what DALLAS be looking for when they say the “RIGHT KINDA GUY”.


    Haha for real…

    Joe Rodriguez

    Horrible joke man. Regardless he had a lot more good plays than bad. He’s not elite but good enough. Regardless of what he sounds like.


At home loss, 2 L’s in a row. We can’t beat good teams right now.


    RE H it’s in their head cause the cowboys are way better than the packers lmao

    adrian g

    @HolyJosie what ? 🤣

jerrod satterfield

This guy look like he need get 😠 and playing like tissue


Cowboys were not mentally prepared at start of game. Again.

    Shanta Cooley

    mediamannaman ✍🏾

mike webb

I stand by my team but these guys have been lacking toughness and discipline for years. It’s a problem if you NEVER really know what you are going to get from your team. Time for a new coach.

A Lee Jackson

Cameron seems to have sugar in his tank….

Jordan D

You’ve got to open playing smart and safe; offense doesn’t need to be aggressive (only in strategic moments).

In this game, the Cowboys won most individual matchups. So pound the ball, establish the run, make a defense hurt, chip them apart with shorter passes and then look for the deep ball to open up-

I have no idea why first and second looks in this offense (this game) are middle-crossing routes into traffic. You can break big gains but if you have the better team, why aren’t you trying to grind out the clock, consider field position.

You don’t need to aim for the endzone every play. March forward and you’ll end up there.

Step it up, Moore. Don’t get cocky with the weapons you have around you.

Andre' Tinsley

Come on now y’all Cowboys fans sounding like little females there’s a whole lot of football left. We’re 3-2 not 0–5 stop panicking the Cowboys are going to find ways to win. It’s all about them staying healthy and hungry!!!

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