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Libra 15 Reply

Who’s ready 👊



Brandon Mendez Reply

Please don’t drag another contract out like this . I felt like a player with those media members talkin on our name negatively daily twice a day . Couldn’t take it anymore😂

    F4DED SHOTS Reply

    Brandon Mendez fr

Ryan S Reply

I’m glad LP got some love at the end. That man has been solid for YEARS and gets 0 credit



    JR 214 Reply

    He’s Everything on Special Teams those crucial Moments in the Games and he’s Consistent. He got screwed by the refs last year vs the Redskins

    Devante Smith Reply

    @JR 214 dumbest call i have ever seen

    jayjaylen75 Reply

    @Devante Smith I concur.

J B Reply

I love Donovan’s attitude

mrich2222 rich Reply

lol… I thought Ladouceur was one of the coaches until his name popped up

    Classic Reaction Reply

    Lol same

Nic Munoz Reply

Thought Wilson’s number changed to 26

    941Slowed Reply

    Nic Munoz I love it. Ken Hamlin had that number and he layed the wood💪

Nicolas Garcia Reply

Even with Zeke signing I’m more excited to see the defense.. 💪💪



    RC Reply

    Yes sir ! sucks that we dont get to see Quinn till week 3 tho 😕

    Nicolas Garcia Reply

    @RC well things happen Dallas still has plenty of good players Quinn can sit a little bit and learn while he comes back


DWil‼️🗣 another XWoods I called it on draft day

OldBoyFilms Reply

“I just like playing double teams and putting my hat in the crack” quote of the ages right there

Kevin Bautista Reply

Congrats to Wilson, rooting for you long term bro 🤙.

lasay inchrist Reply


    Ernesto james Reply

    lasay inchrist I like the purge squad I hate the hot boyz that sounds gay

Saul Tarsus Reply

I like this dude…

Terry Gilchrist Reply

Zeke is signed WE ARE HEADED TO THE SUPERBOWL look out pat’s we are coming for you GO COWBOY’S cowboy nation out

Saul Tarsus Reply

Sorry to burst any bubbles but 90%of NFL players don’t really care about winning,they care about money….Now that D Law got paid he will disappear…It is nolonger in his financial benefit to ball out…I predict by week 8 or 9 this year he will go down with some “injury” and over the course of the next couple seasons he will be hobbled by fake injuries…Then 3 years down the road Cowboys release him because he hasn’t lived up to his contract…He hits free agceny ,gets a 1 year prove it deal from some team…Then ball out that year then the next offseason cash in another good size contract 30 millin or so…He will try to get one more payday….Just like the DE we just got from Miami (his name escapes me at the moment) Miami paid him he had a couple “injury”prone years now Dallas is his one year prove it deal I expect him to play well when he comes back then next season he’ll get paid again….Same thing D Law is about to do….

    Ali Muhammad Reply

    U wrong hater

    Classic Reaction Reply

    I’ve seen this happen with players before…..especially with our safety Roy Williams back in the day……but to be honest, I think D-Law is a little bit crazy, and since he’s got that little crazy streak in him, he’s very competitive. I feel the same way about alot of our defensive players. Same way with Zeke. I know these guys want money, but I also think they want to win a Super Bowl, just to be top dog.

    Ali Muhammad Reply

    @Classic Reaction an dallas will win da chip

RC Reply

Donavan wipe your nose bro ! 🤢🤮😅

Monarchski Reply

Zeke got his money…better not see a single video of him acting the fool

Trey Saenz Reply

Who thumbs down these videos? Eagles and Skins fans creeping the channel?

Keith Dease Reply

Don’t like Dallas coach can’t trust Dak

We3zy Way-up Reply

Let’s Go Dallas!!!💪✊💪

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