LIVE: Virtual Pre-Draft Press Conference | Cowboys Draft – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Alex Sushoreba Reply

That crackle throughout the video tho

    Robert Moreno Reply

    And that’s a billionaire’s video connection. Lol

Jeremy Turtle shit Reply

someone making smores throughout the video

Ydc Agu Reply


Bob Merc Reply

Mike will grind Elliot into the ground with carries

    Gary Blount Reply

    Good make him earn his money.

ipredster7 Reply

Is someone sitting by a fire?

    Gerry Stevens Reply


    Brian Daniel Reply

    Grow up

    Gerry Stevens Reply

    @Brian Daniel LOL. Good job bro.

Donna Blanton Reply

Is this on a record player from the 70’s? Is this the quality we can expect? I won’t last long if so…

    Donna Blanton Reply


    Brian Daniel Reply

    Nobody’s forcing you to watch

Donna Blanton Reply

I think the person finishing needs to say, “over” or “back to you” Some way to note transitions.

mike hike Reply

is this thing streamed through a motorolla razr? what terrible quality.
I’m interested to see how these drafts go under MM particularly the later rounds and undrafted players. The guys Garrett found looked like they never played football before. Who thought Jon’Vea Johnson could play? His preseason was embarassing. I remember watching The Break when Broaduss and Hackman spent an entire episode on how to keep Darius Jackson on the 53 man roster. The dude tip toed to the line of scrimmage and was tackled at first contact wether it was a defender or a blade of grass. Hope i never have to watch him again

Abdullah Uthman Reply

Ffwd 20 min into video

jerrod satterfield Reply

Are they burning dak prescott contract

King EB Reply

Crackling noise is killing me

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