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I saw the very 1st episode last week. Great show!! Love the intro music. Love the topical and the hosts. Keep up the great work.

Franke Hernandez



Love the show. Great energy and perspective.

rocky goff



Trading Places was My all time favorite Eddy Murphy movie. Nothing has ever made me laugh harder than the 1st time I saw Delirious .

FLIPda IronSquid

Wasn’t church trashing Dallas when he went to Jax?

    Reckless Matt

    He said Jacksonville has more talent than Dallas but what do you expect him to say? Jacksonville sucks and isn’t as talented as Dallas? I’m pretty sure that was the year they went to the Championship game.


What’s going on?

C Jackson

Coming to America, Trading Places, 48 hours, The Nutty Professor, Harlem Nights

Land Lord

I really miss JJ Wilcox man that boy can hit 😩😩😥

    Reckless Matt

    He took horrible angles though.

gregory westmoreland

Harlem nights???

djuan watkins

Love this show

Pam Green

Coming to America, Trading Places, Harlem Nights, Life, and 48 hours

Dan Blatt

Good show

Dan Blatt

You getting back to football content again??

Keith Matthews Jr

I’m at 18:55 mark and if he says he dosent like the movie life they will lose a listener/fan

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