LIVE: Revealing Cowboys 2020 Schedule – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

LIVE: Revealing Cowboys 2020 Schedule

Join us LIVE w/ Jerry Jones, Gerald McCoy & Tyrone Crawford as they release the 2020 schedule presented by SeatGeek.

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Kali FA Reply

Stay in your lane Andy

Michael Lopez Reply

My Man mike McCarthy gots the mad scientist room going on. I LOVE IT! GO COWBOYS!

Michael Franco Reply

Let’s gooooo !!! COWBOYS BABY !!!!!!

Hinkles3 Reply

Gerald McCoy is the man. Love his energy and passion for the game. Can’t wait to see him use it on the field. Let’s hope there’s a season this year 🤞

Faheem Goree Reply

I love how McCoy sounds like he’s been on the team for 5 years lol

    All up in the videos.... Reply

    Faheem Goree Lol

samslop Reply

Can’t wait

Roland Herrera Reply

TIME TOO SHAKE and Bake and go Get our 6th

ApolloTheLeader Reply

Gerald Mccoy sounds like 2 chainz

    All up in the videos.... Reply

    ApolloTheLeader and looks like him a bit too

MastaFame Reply

David and Ty shot there video through potatoes

No Way Reply

It’s the 61st season, not the 60th. Dallas started in 1960.

    Raoul Duke Reply

    Math is hard

    No Way Reply

    @Raoul Duke Apparently, lol. Or maybe there’s a season he’s really trying to forget.

Chuck Watley Reply


Antbeast23 Reply

Jones hyping up crawford lol. Great leader and teammate. But the production doesn’t match what he’s being paid for.

    Rmf 22 Reply

    true but part of that was the Garrett/Marinelli era..saw an interview with Crawford where he was talking about needing to know where they want him to play so he can get his weight right..they had him moving his playing weight up and down and changing positions so much..he’s such a strong dude that I wish they just let him play at a lower weight on the edge and just let him go

Tyrone Wright Jr Reply

Does Kyle have on earbuds and headphones lol??? Product placement at its finest


Let’s Go Cowboys!!

Teddy K Reply

who is in charge of editing..YOUR FIRED…🙄 jesus..

Henry Chapman Reply

What a pick up McCoy was. Looks like he’s been here for 5 years and is so excited to wear the star.

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