LIVE: Postgame LIVE – Cowboys OT

COWBOYS OT: Hear from Jason Garrett and #DallasCowboys locker room following #NYJvsDAL

#DallasCowboys #CowboysNation #NFL

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Captain Kirby Reply

Oh there goes D Law.

Mexicutioner 007 Reply


    Chris Wright Reply

    Yeah man yall need to hire jay gruden lol

Broderick Johnson Reply

This team is done,I can tell whn thy walked passed Garrett and thy didn’t acknowledge his presence,stick a fork in dem.

    Albert Paiz Reply

    Saw it too

    David Cantu Reply

    Yup…I think he’s lost them or damn near close. They are human after all and not easy to follow someone you don’t respect…

    WhoPenny Britty Reply

    I missed it, when did that happen?

    Broderick Johnson Reply

    @WhoPenny Britty as the defensive team was leaving the field thy didn’t even respond back to his hand shakes.

    Dougie Rodrguez Reply

    Happened last weeks game too

Snoop Brown Reply

Whew Demarcus…. The repetitive rara by my team… I love us 4 real… But this is the same ol same ol

Nahshon Wyatt Reply

Y’all wait to the last minute to comeback man yall sorry

Shade InMoney Reply

This is a SB team!!! Y’all are 6-0!! Damn! I wish we was dak good!!

    Brian Waller Reply

    More like 6-10 lol

David Roma Reply

“The Sheriff” is coming tomorrow Espn first take. Be ready Cowboys fans

    Louis Johnson Reply

    Coaching change is needed! Cowboys have talented players with no direction!

Cathy Leatherman Reply

Strong words Tank Lawrence … appreciate your soberness and honesty … love to all of you ❤️

    Brian Waller Reply

    He’s all talk.

Louis Johnson Reply

Thank you Brian, when are the Cowboys going to battle back, ‘Talk is Cheap! it’s either put up or shut up!

Louis Johnson Reply

With all these talented guys the Cowboys have, so we have any play makers?

    jason eades Reply

    What’s sad if this team was in new England they blow people out every week. I cant name one defensive player on the Patriots chiefs or any other team that’s not a big name. But I bet fans of those teams can name 5 or more of ours.

Justin D Reply

I have to go to work now. This is going to be a depressing overnight shift.

    west texas Reply

    I’m at work myself and it’s sucked so far. I should have called in lol

Chad Cook Reply

Make Richards the HC. He will light a fire under that talent and bench them when they make mistakes.

    StunnaCole Reply

    He ain’t lightin a fire under that defense

Dalai Lama Reply

Im beginning to wonder if the Cowboys will win another game the rest of the season.
Defensively, theyve become pitiful.

Fernando Conde Reply

Fire Garrett team came out flat again

Raw real and uncut Reply

How Jason Garrett lead this team…..the soldiers are as good as the general

P Wang Reply

LoL @ Cowboys

Brian Waller Reply

Dlaw needs to arrested for armed robbery.

Xavier Rod Reply

Dlaw really doesn’t care!! He got paid

Plantbased Outdoors Reply

This defense isn’t what we thought they were going to be. D-Law has been non existent. Garrett is so non emotional. It rubs off on the rest of the team. They are not motivated.

Gregory Williams Reply

How do you let the guy get behind you? Why would you fall for the double move

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