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Glenn John

8:51 start

    Chris King

    Thanks. Seriously you’d think the most valuable sports franchise in the world could have someone edit a video.

Debbie Mikey

Safe picks on defense to try and solidify all positions of need. Hopefully foundational players. That’s not how you win in the draft though

Zero Video’s

Day thirty8 of becoming the most subscribed YT channel with zero video’s so I can live the life. 💪🏼🙎🏼‍♂️🤙🏼.

Robert Acker

Day two of the draft….. Perplexing.

Wesley Barnett

This is what happens when you draft for a side of the ball and scheme and not best player available. You reach on a lot of players. Better player the their positions but not the desired measurable s. Hope I am wrong but I don’t see many difference makers other than Parsons

    Texas in Iowa Fishing

    Kelvin joseph is an absolute freak, realistically could end up being the best corner in this draft in 5 years, the dt was a bit reachy but solid player and the DE they picked up is an absolute run kiler

    Cee Jordan

    They took players that fit the scheme which is exactly what you should do. At this point in the draft rankings dont matter as much as scheme fit. They added 2 corners that have length & speed which is the exact type you need in cover 3. They both also support the run which is a plus. Now you have 3 CB’s that are 6ft or taller that run sub 4.4 40’s and all are willing tacklers with dawg mentalities. Osa & Chancey are lunchpale glue guys that you need to rebuild a horrible run defense. They both excell at run stopping which is a huge need. Neither is flashy but both are physical players. We have guys that can get after the QB already but we dont have guys that can fight in the trenches. Osa & Gholston can do that. The common theme of all 5 draft picks is they are all physical players that play fast. I would grab Wade, move him to FS, take Shelvin and thats a solid 7 guys added to what you had already.

    Wesley Barnett

    @Cee Jordan so you would rather have PD than INTs ?

    Cee Jordan

    @Wesley Barnett who are you talking about ?? Everyone they drafted so far created turnovers

    Wesley Barnett

    @Cee Jordan hey I hope I’m wrong I just though there were better players available like JOK from ND. Could have let LVE and Jalen go next year and have a White/David LB conbo like TB

Williams Nike

Defense needs help now and you pick a bunch of projects who will be lucky to make the 53

    Powellx92 Gaming

    Sure thing Williams the Walmart door greeter like you know what nfl players will be good

    Justin Boon

    @Powellx92 Gaming every guy the took would of still been there today my man..


    You’re talking like the 53 is good

    Freddy McTickles

    @Powellx92 Gaming he’s right though

HareKrishna X

“Oh that safety position again” pisses me off year after year

    Tyler Hyde

    They addressed safety in Free Agency (not saying Neal will be great, but Dan Quinn likes and trusts him) and Donovan Wilson played pretty solid last year.

    Alex Sample

    @Tyler Hyde Neal is not your safety…Wilson is….and he is a better than ok player….what are you even talking about??

    Tyler Hyde

    @Alex Sample I literally said Donovan was one of our safeties and played well. I understand Neal is getting moved to linebacker, but he has strong safety experience and I’d think he could backup the safety position if needed… so idk why you were so confused by my comment hahaha 😅

    Alex Sample

    @Tyler Hyde not confused. Saying its dumb in a roundabout way…but I guess ur too slow and wanted me to say it😐

    Tyler Hyde

    @Alex Sample hahaha okay kiddo 👌

Southfield Trill

U draft a DT but not Tommy Togiai (OSU) Jerry Jones drunk af smdh not taking nothing away from the guy that they drafted i’ve never seen him play, but i seen Tommy play a lot and he was a MAN AMONGST BOY’S💯 I’M PRETTY SURE ANYBODY THAT WATCHED OSU ON THE REGULAR WOULD AGREE.

Deezboyz Justwin

Kelvin JOSEPH if he keep his head on straight is a top cornerback but they should have package a better deal to get Barmore stop valuing picks over impact players

    Alex Sample


Lil Mac


Brian L

sounds a lot like the 09 draft. “More players to make an impact”

Mekheal James

In this Draft where Covid Affected Scout’s Traveling i feel this Draft is Very Good , Draft Nicks always look for there players Kelvin Joseph will Start that’s 2 Booked CB ‘s with Him and T Diggs from last year . Remember this Secondary is being rebuilt with Ball hawking Corners we now have. The DE from Iowa Set’s The Edge well and plays the Run & has pass rush ability & he has Flex. No we haven’t Drafted SAFETY’s Donovan Wilson Will Start he and Randy Gregory both should have been starting Sooner than they did .I see Depth i want a DT & a OL . We Couldn’t Stop The Run. Now with our Free agent Acquisitions We will have a Better Defense. Not the Big Name Guys That’s ok Depth in our Rotation is Key Sprinkled with Playmakers

    Alex Sample

    Exactly correct.
    Brent…a 6’7 1-tec bracketed by stronger, longer, healthy players make for a better D.
    Joseph was my corner-3 at 44
    Neal Keanu platooned with Jaylen improves the weak side.

    Draft Tonga or Marvin Wilson at 1-tec to platoon with Brent and Wood….and best OL at 115…

Frank Carr

the first two picks are questionable, and only one of the third round was a “value” pick… the others were drafted way too early.

Frank Carr

after the first two days, I’m expecting Quincy Carter to be drafted on Saturday…

    Thomas Riley

    Exactly!! Year after year of the same thing. The most inept front office in the nfl.

    justice fontana

    @Thomas Riley uhhh what are you talking about?

    Alex Sample

    @Thomas Riley You sound nuts. 2nd most Pro Bowlers in the last decade.

    Freddy McTickles

    @Alex Sample on offense, not defense.

    Alex Sample

    @Freddy McTickles false again. Yooooou just post.
    Jaylon Smith
    Byron Jones
    2 Linebackes and 2 corner on K.C.’s championship team on defense

Michael P

I’d have to rate this draft so far a D+ for the Cowboys and I am expecting us to have another losing season. Not trying to be a Debbie downer but being a Cowboys fan for 30+ years I’m just being realistic with myself and my expectations of this team.

    Alex Sample

    @Freddy McTickles nope and nope.
    We have emotional fan problems…Yooou STFU!

    kenneth stanley

    @Freddy McTickles thank you for speaking the truth about Jerry Jones, of course we a GM problem, if 25 years of winning just 4 playoffs games doesn’t proved we don’t have GM problem then I don’t know what Alex is seeing.

    kenneth stanley

    @Alex Sample I’m not gonna go back and forth with you , ain’t no GM go keep their job for 25 years and their team win but 4 playoffs games during that span but because Jerry Jones is the Owner/GM it doesn’t matter if continues to fail as a GM so he go keep his job. We can disagree but I’m not gonna apologized for I said and you can think the world of him all you want but 25 years of winning but 4 playoffs games doesn’t make you a good GM.

    Alex Sample

    @kenneth stanley so what? Talent has not been the reason making your point moot. We don’t and never have run things that way since Jerry.

    kenneth stanley

    @Alex Sample have it your way.

Cowboys STAR

Why didn’t you pick Molden? He was right there!

Profit Harris

Johnson/Washington S and Togiai this round could save our draft. Please!!!!

Cowboys STAR

It feels like you could have taken a lot of these players today instead of yesterday! SMH 🤦

Profit Harris

Or you always can call Earl!

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