LIVE: Mike McCarthy Press Conference | Dallas Cowboys 2022 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Brandon Monte

Someone needs to ask big Mike what he’s repping on the bench press lmao

    Carson Dees

    What’s that 2 big macs? Sounds like a dumb xxx

Raymond Chavez

Is James Washington playing Sunday Coach Mike?

Whip Tech

Dude is awesome. I’d run through a brick wall for the guy. Go cowboys!

    Donna Pollard

    Are cowboys gonna make it or be like they do always have?

Marlon Brando

3:20 press conference starts

Brother Spock

Finally, we’ll all get to see the Clarence plan. Let’s go!

La Palabra

If it is bad play, McCarthy gets blamed and if it is a good play, Kellen Moore gets the praise……..I don’t anticipate a SB until Moore is gone….he’s Garrett’s boy.

    Paul Rodrigues



    Some fans don’t understand that ur spot on


When u listen to Mike talk about the offense u can clearly hear he has a different philosophy on what he really wants to do,but the Jones boy’s believes in Moore so sad for us as fans 😢

Alvin Currie

Video starts at 3:20

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