LIVE Cover 4: Scooter Magruder joins to give his reaction on this Victory Monday – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Orlando Reply

Scooter and kountry Wayne should be in the show or do a cowboys skip together

    InsightProject Reply

    Wayne yes. Scooter can get a hard pass.

Andrew Decaul Reply

Barry Church’s Jordan Shoe Game, Hella Strong Y’all!!

HemmHon Reply

We need a write-up on who Scooter McGruder is., please provide a report.

    UnoFromPluto Gaming Reply


    Anthony Lee Reply

    He’s a huge Alabama fan… Role Tide Role…

Dan Blatt Reply

How Bout Them Cowboys Scooter 😂🤣

Plantbased Outdoors Reply

I can’t believe they let Taco get a sack.

B Henderson Reply

#scooter kill n it!!!!!!

Salute, bro….. great stuff
Hope we see it at ALL home games!

Plantbased Outdoors Reply

The schedule is about to get tough. We’re about to see what this team is really made of.

Jose Cantu Reply

Make Scooter a recurring guest! Love that dude.

HalcyonDraconis7 Reply

Scooter makes some hilarious content and now He’s guest starring on Cover4… It’s a great day to be a Cowboys fan.

C Stove Reply

“DEOS” lol

Phishgumbo Reply

*The Dallas Cowboys will win the Superbowl!*

Rodon Howard Reply

Quinn was so close on alot of plays before he got his sacks, defense is progressing each game! Waiting for the LB’s to emerge next!!!!!hey, you got a sackTaco!!! Still rather see him in a Cowboys uni. Cowboysforlife, a two Headed Beast is starting to waken in the NFC east, fear the Cowboys!!!!!!!

    Nicholas Williams Reply

    They are absolutely ridiculous on 3rd down so far. Really hoping that can keep that percentage down when facing the better teams of the league.

Nicholas Williams Reply

What I don’t think everyone is realizing about Zeke….the total rushing yards he has thru 3 games is actually the most for him to start the season. It’s been done very quietly and that is a crazy stat when it comes up to the end total at the season.

Alexander Gibson Reply

I knew by week 3 we’d get some better editing on the front of the video lol

saltandpepper4u Reply

Robert Quinn out here with that country lip.

ScooterMagruder Reply


    Spoon Jones Reply


    sockswsandals00 Reply


    DJ PC Baby! Reply

    Where’d you get the hat!

    Orlando Reply

    Kountry Wayne and yourself should do a skit together it will be super funny

Free America20/20 Reply

Having scooter on your show is the best idea you’ve ever had. Have more popular YouTubers on your show.

jeremy x Reply

Zeke and TP
They’re grown men!!!!

Pascual Cardenas Reply

😂 to funny! yuppp bring him an country Wayne on the show more!

Doomsday Dynasty Reply

I like Scooter on the show. 🔥🔥

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