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Derek Wiggins

Video starts at 8 minutes in. Little ridiculous.


    Derek Wiggins very ridiculous..


    Agreed! Frustrating.

    Mark Frederick

    Thanks….what’s even worse is the Press Conference

Aris Echevarria

It’s a moot question about Jalen Ramsey the man has said that he does not want to play for Dallas or to be more precise for the Jones family. Do we want more disruption in the locker room? Do not trade for Jalen Ramsey.

    Angel Rosario

    Too much money and a knucklehead. Dallas have too many of those in their team.

    Reckless Matt

    Aris Echevarria lol if they traded for him he would play for the Cowboys. I know it’s not likely we trade for him but if we did our defense would be insane.

The List

jalen ramsey drama❌
sign Byron Jones✔

Lava LifeGuard

Time for you to shine Donovan!


The first 7 minutes of this video is nothing but fecal. Don’t you people do any work at And why is Taco in the stands at 14:19?

Guitarslingin Zombiekiller

No way in hell would I trade for Gaylen Ramsey, he’s all about himself not the team. Can you imagine Aikman asking for a trade after 1-15 season in 89? If you’re on a bad team, then work towards becoming a good team, not give up and throw in the towel like a loser cuz you start 0-2. Smh, Ramsey is a locker room destroyer.

djuan watkins

Show female foot cam


Why these videos have so much extra at the beginning???

Joseph Thomas

I’m worried about our defense, they need to pick it up to be serious contenders.


Red zone and short yardage is in part to a certain TE.

Laura Barbour

The other teams are trippin cuz they say the Cowboys ain’t gonna win this super bowl people say that to but yeah look at their team sittin at home watching the Cowboys up in the playoffs winning the games doin their job in the playoffs getting to the super bowl and winning the playoffs

Laura Barbour

They say the Cowboys are not going to win but yeah look at their defense go Cowboys

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