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Sooo excited for this season!!πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

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@ 4:30 to see the munchkin Helman

    Brian Waller

    Yeah I wouldn’t feel very good if Lindsey and taylor are wearing flat shoes and still taller


Put flags on QBs if they want to protect the QBs. It’s not Jerome Bettis

Anthony McDonald

We Dem Boyz.. Yes # 58 the great Derrick Thomas

The List

QB protection?Helmanβœ”agreeπŸ’―
ask Larry Johnson

Atoyia M Blackshear


Dividend Income

So do we get a comp pick for waiving Taco?


They need to put an emphasis on preventing defensive players from driving qb’s into the ground intending to hurt them, the hit that put foles out was intended to hurt him, the hit that ended romo by the eagles was intended to hurt his shoulder… those types of hits on qb’s need to cost players money… if they can look at film and see that ur hit was intended to hurt a player then every game that player misses should cost the player that did it a % of his pay, that would stop that bs… i am an old school fan and i am all for hard hits and tackles, but picking a player up and driving a shoulder into the ground with intention to cause a player to medically miss games is bs and should be severely punished

Josey Wales

WTH… the NFL has pampered these players now to the point to where I don’t even like this co-called “Football” anymore! Women will be playing next, which “some” players would love it and sell out what’s left of the integrity of the game just to wear a dress and pads which players don’t really need anymore (unless it their time of the month)! To the little guy with the beard talking about how “today’s Dolphins would destroy the 72 undefeated Miami Dolphins” but this little feller just can’t phantom just how tough these older players were. On top of that, I don’t know many teams in history that could take a continuous pounding from Miami’s then fullback, the 6′ 3″ 235 lb Larry Csonka who played with who knows how many concussions, cracked ear drum and 12 or more broken nose’s throughout his Dolphin career. Players rarely ever sit out a play much less 6 or 7 games with a broken nose, why that was unheard-of! Yeah, I’d love to see some old-school teams go up against today’s teams! Man when some of those guys came flying in and hit you… they’d have to bring out the smelling salts to bring you back around. After a play or two you were ready to go back in! lol Nope… football just isn’t the same anymore and it keeps dying little by little every time they change the game, which is several times a year now day’s. The fans have had enough of this fake football! The league knows this too, all they have to do is look up in the stands that used to be packed EVERY game year in and year out! So, here’s what’s gonna happen IMO… the league knows Dallas is the most popular team throughout the world but, to keep people wanting more they’ve kept Dallas close and in the hunt for the Super Bowl, but they haven’t won it in almost a 1/4 century, so to bring back the fans their going to let Dallas win this year and bring back the fans, heck, they may let Dallas win back to back or 3 or 4 in a row just to bring back the fans! I hate to tell you but sports is fake! Why do you think when you know a certain team should destroy another team so you place a bet and you lose almost all the time? But you know who don’t lose? Vegas and team owners, it’s a scam! Why do you think the refs have so much power on the outcome of all the sports? The players don’t even have to be in on it! The refs make game changing calls on small almost unnoticed calls throughout the game, and some games just work out the way there supposed too and not much change is needed. They’ve got it down to a science and nobody hardly even notices! When the commissioner of the NFL was ask whether football was actually REAL, he said “it’s like Wrestling, the WWF, it’s Entertainment” so take it for what it is. Why didn’t he defend it and just say “what the hell do you think, of course it’s real don’t you watch it and watch players play!? But he didn’t and only said “it’s like wrestling, the WWF, it’s entertainment!” Anyway, believe what you want, I’m taking all the money I spend on this “Fake as F*%#” FAF crap and spend it on something that I know if real, and it is NOT the Cowboys no more!

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Taylor Stern!

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Lindsay self-high 5 lmao!

Stone Cold

Helman Makes Barry C. look like a 6′ 6 monster


Dave made me laugh πŸ˜‚ at the end.

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