Tru Young

Kellen for MVP


Tay 👌…TJ for MVP

Chris White

the black guy is never the same!

Henry Hill

Moore is a legend already. Moore making Garrett look good.

Flat earth is New Jerusalem

Kellen Moore will probly be a head coach next year somewhere hopefully replaces garrett

    Maureen Beane

    Flat earth is New Jerusalem Kris Richard is gonna replace garret

Kevin Oreilly

Yo little guy! The eagles didnt look scary! Deshawn did! And their defense is not that good! Wilson gets in there hes gonna smash deshawn in the mouth ! If he even stays healthy enough to make it to our game .i wouldnt be surprised if him and wentz are both out for our game! Never ever again say something good about those beagles again! Just dont do it cause they are not scary to us!!

Tyler Main

I was wanting Barry bac in place of Heath. Still good to have him with the team tho

* TeaRod*

Lamar threw one more touchdown than dak and Andy dalton threw 13 more yards

    Jose Cantu


    Lava LifeGuard

    TeaRod—did they have a perfect passer rating too?

    * TeaRod*

    @Lava LifeGuard nah I was correcting Barry church cus he said Lamar threw more yards

Stacy Lynn Sutherland

Im surprised by kellen moores early sucess ,by looking at the guy he looks barely old enough yo shave, much less coordinate a dynamic offense in the nfl

Steven Pringle

Tay looking like she full grown.

    Lava LifeGuard

    LoL you gave yourself a thumbs up! Moron

Vienna Waits4U

How small is Taylor Stern? She wears 2 inch platform heels and is still only slightly taller than David Helman.

    Lava LifeGuard

    The question should be, how much of a squirt is Helman? His feet don’t even touch the floor when he’s sitting at the table!

JdLee Stirring The Pot!!!

Blonde on left, on ths show Lindsay is terrible and she needs to stop trying to act, talk, stand like Charissa Thompson on FOX

Rodon Howard

right on Barry, I was wondering what the linebackers were doing!!! on saquons big run, the lb’s were way out of position!!!! little to none pressure from the dline!!!! Dbacks playing way off the recievers.!!!!!first game but expected more from the defense. tired of watching defenses allowing Saquon to break tackles with his spin move. also not tackling him, just trying to hit him!!!! Dak spreading the ball around just like his rookie season!!!!!

Philip DuBeau

this is not something to watch

Lava LifeGuard

How come the two females are taller than Helman? Cause he’s a little squirt!


I need help guys, who should I start in week 2 in fantasy football at QB?  Dak or Wentz?

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