John Keith

That 59 yard Barkley ran could’ve been stopped looks like they were in a 4-3 passing defense before the giants hike why they were not in a run defense plug the holes mlb should’ve blitz the edges to keep Barkley in checked


    Yeah, and Jeff Heath took a terrible angle at him, which let him get a ton of extra yards.

    Alex Alvarado

    I know jeff heath got turned around quick they need to put in that rookie i forgot his name 🤔

    Lava LifeGuard

    @Alex Alvarado Donovan Wilson and he’s still out nursing a bad ankle

    Lava LifeGuard

    @Jabukufo Heath always taking bad angles and can’t wrap up either

Robert Brehm

Worst Cowboys show EVER….

    Johnny Blaze

    Why don’t you go troll somewhere else hater.

    Anthony Tabor

    Dont watch it then

    Robert Brehm

    First time watching it and will not watch it again. ZERO journalism and 2 giddy school girls gushing over football players. HUGE Cowboys fan forever but this isn’t where I will get my information.

    Justin D

    @Robert Brehm
    Bye! nobody is gonna miss you.

    Lava LifeGuard

    @Justin D Your sister might! LoL

Plantbased Outdoors

Kellen Moore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Best cowboys show EVER….

Tomas Tatarrr

Someone tell Stern she needs to stop smoking, her voice is fucking enoying

Alex Alvarado

Im diggin that intro

Mike O'Daniel

Great scoop on the Michael Gallup lost contact story. I hadn’t heard that anywhere else. And spot on about such a genuinely nice group of receivers. No attitudes or prima donnas here. Glad to see AB go to the Patriots. They deserve him. Can’t wait til he burns that bridge. Hopefully before we play them!

Go Cowboys!

Justin Thomas

the energy is lower with the table and no music underneath.


didn’t craig morton have a perfect rating in 1969?

    Lava LifeGuard

    Yep and Dandy Don Meredith in 67

Lava LifeGuard

Helman needs to get some elevator shoes! At least he has a chair where his feet touch the floor now!

jeremy x

15:00 mark
Dave was saying Kellen made Dak look great
2-sided coin
Dak made Kellen’s job easier

Reason being
Kellen’s been seeing wasted ops by Linehan
Kellen’s seeing raw, untouched talent in Prescott being neglected

Dak Prescott will make Kellen Moore’s jobore attractive
He’s has his rookie form, confidence, boldness
But with 3yrs of experience
He finally has the weaponry his NFC East rivals QBs have

Kellen can easily be ousted if this fails
If Dak is successful, then Kellen and Jason Garrett seasons are salvaged

Simplifying it
They, ( Dak & Kellen both ), make each other look great

Who knows
Maybe we have the next Belichek/Brady duo

Steven Pringle

Tay broke up with who? Dave?

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