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James Rhoades Reply
Please watch

Joshua Garza Reply

I don’t like the short schmuck david hellman. That lil guy has an arrogant persona. Why do they keep this dude

    Jose Cantu Reply

    I love that dude. Lol

    Joshua Garza Reply


    SaulBadd Reply

    Well, Jerry is going to have the circus in his stadium and from what I’ve heard, they’re gonna wrap Helman up in a sheet and use him as an elephant tampon.

    Joshua Garza Reply

    @SaulBadd lmaooo

    C Y Reply

    dave is the goat. he draws tanks good

Jalan White Reply

Jones is a better fit for the Cowboys on and off the field.

Jim Mears Reply

Is this what you’re descending to? Mindless gossip and drama? You suck!

Plantbased Outdoors Reply

Do not put Byron Jones back at safety. The organization wasted two years of his career playing him there. He is a pro bowl corner. Leave him there.

Lunzatis Palemoon Reply

HELL NO, you do NOT put Byron Jones back at safety. The Cowboys have others and could give Donovon Wilson a chance.

David Cantu Reply


David Cantu Reply

I know Joe Thomas is a Linebacker, but given his athleticism and dude has skills, why not give him a crack at Safety just for shits and giggles… for Taco, time to move on, best for both parties….wasted pick for us though

jeremy x Reply

I liked this guys

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