Skeptical Fan

Defense sucks

    Josef dubowsky

    The defense wasn’t that bad

    arnold sanders

    Philly defense has given up more points

    arnold sanders

    ONLY GAVE UP 255 yds…………….

Plantbased Outdoors

We could all easily sit here and critique the team saying they should do this or they need to improve that. But hey, we’re 2-0. Let’s just keep winning. That’s all that matters.


Trade for Minkah Fitzpatrick? No way! Donovan Wilson is a young star waiting to happen. Don’t need Minkah.


Barry Church…… da man

Nathan Horn

MG out for 2-4 weeks for arthroscopic surgery, heal up quick and rest well MG! Not to fret, our roster runs deep, Devin Smith can fill in and so could Cobb with T.Austin filling in for Cobb’s slot position. Big picture is for everyone to stay healthy, the healthier and stronger we are in the playoffs and with continuous improvement by the entire team we will make it to the BIG SHOW. #FaithFightFinish Stay healthy boys and go kick the sh*t outta everyone in your path till you have that ring on your finger. Go Cowboys!

super sloth!

Sup with zek hair lol

Felony Strutter

Devin Smith is a gift for ALL Lifelong 40 year plus Cowboys because it’s like Mike Sherrard who kept getting injured for us from 1986-1988 and we release him and he becomes, nothing what he was going to become which is a MONSTER Cowboys receiver but, a solid wide out for the 49ers and Giants. Every Cowboys fan who lived the 1986 season was so excited about the future or Sherrard but season ending injury after seson ending injury. Reminds you of the Cowboys Jimmy Smith saga but Sherrard was MUCH better than Jimmy SMith, watch the 1986 highlight film…that is what Devin Smith is to me.

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