Dino Anthony

Tay and linds are so hot 🔥

John Crabtree

Jaylon smith isnt playing well and we have played 3 crappy teams

    da Star

    John Crabtree hopefully it’ll get better because we know what he can do.

    T A

    I’ve been saying the same thing. Jaylon is favoring that knee. U can see it in his movement but no one wants to admit it.

    Alex T.

    Give it time. All you fan’s want a “Perfect Game”
    Smh. 3-0 and y’all still crying.

HemmHon folks, please try to be clear in the things you communicate. In the graphic at 7:30, an indication that you are referring to the first 3 games of each season would be useful information. Please always try to be clear in what you communicate.


Skip to 5:45

Plantbased Outdoors

Please keep Kellen Moore. He is young and is up with the modern day NFL. He understands it. Scott Linehan was stuck in the 90’s NFL and was not willing to adjust.

Martin Mendoza

Dave you talk to fucking much fuckkkkk!!! Let the other people talk

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