LIVE 9/26 Jason Garrett Press Conference | Dallas Cowboys – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Bryce Larkin Reply

9:35 you’re welcome

    Eric Starnes Reply


    Anthony Lee Reply


    lblayde Reply



    For real! Jeez…

Ezra Nicoloso Reply

how bout them boys

Craig Manning Reply

Can they get a better social media moderator. 9 minutes into a 20 minute video and nothing. Whoever is doing this sucks at his job. I mean really. Live in the real world.

    Anthony Lee Reply


    lblayde Reply

    Yes but it’s like at work meeting start at 4 it’s 420 managers just walking in now it’s 5 and wife calling where are you , cheating again 😳 ★4life

    Not the real Lloyd Banks Reply

    It’s about the slot. He is only obligated to do a specific amount of time, but they schedule it for enough time just in case something delays or whatever.

    sleep depp vegas Reply

    I will submit a resume for the social media manager position

    Not the real Lloyd Banks Reply

    @sleep depp vegas go get it

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