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Amateur_Stargazer Reply

Hey “experts” why is it ALL the talking heads continue to say “the cowboys have played 3 high school teams”…. ugghh, no they haven’t , every nfl team is full of professional football players… and why do u all jump allover how bad those 3 teams are while bragging on the pats start?? Guess what? Dallas opps r 1-8, the pats opps r 0-9… so who has had the easier schedule so far? The pats is who

    Zachary Taylor Reply

    Yeah, you’d rather they lose to a bad team?

jason solley Reply

can the dude on the end talk without rocking?…..

    Philip DuBeau Reply

    that is masturbation dude

    Philip DuBeau Reply

    if ambar was under my table I’d be rockin too

RocketCity NightRod Reply

Jason “Yoda” Witten…. I like it! LOL

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