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2 Faces Of Evil

4:17 it starts

    Sheila Neal

    2 Faces Of Evil 👍

Mark Goldsmith

You have to do a better job with the music fade. Its too long and too loud.

    Lava LifeGuard

    100% Agreed! Somebody needs to be fired, this has gone on far too long!

    Ryan M

    The person that runs the Cowboys YouTube channel is often a completely incompetent moron.

Heath Flagtvedt

TACO – Yes we missed on a first. But it was a rare blemish on a sterling draft record in recent years.

Coffy Mix

The Dallas Cowboys win not because of Jason Garett but in spite of him, he’s also the only coach in NFL history that froze his own field goal kicker,when he called time out,while his kicker made the field goal

bonk giartist

Remembering people lecturing me about why drafting Taco was a much more wiser choice than drafting TJ Watt because of his size. TJ ended up being the better pass rusher by far and better player against the run(as expected by a lot of people). But other than that pick the Cowboys have been drafting well.

Goldenboy 214

Felt like i was at a strip club waitng for Piper to come out in the beginning


I have been saying that for years the PATS pretty much automatically get 6 wins every season because of their sorry division opponents.  I think the NFL needs to go to a lottery system every season.  Keep the NFC & AFC conferences, but have a lottery ball system select the 4 divisions in each conference every season to mix it up.  Right after the draft have a lottery show, to see who is in what division that season.  I think it would be very exciting to see who the opponents would be for every season, I would be on the edge of my seat watching the lottery show.  I know some people will say the NFL can’t do it because of scheduling the games, but if we can put a man on the moon the NFL can figure out a schedule.  What do all you fans think about a lottery system?

    Allen Dermes



Disliking every audibly unbalanced, poorly edited, and uncut video. It’s not hard to edit it so that it’s not a ton of time waiting.

    R6 Ghetto Pro League

    It was live streamed with the music don’t blame edit blame streamer


    R6 Ghetto Pro League I guarantee you they are the same person

gibber jabber

Cowboys can’t figure out how to edit. Embarrassing. Start 4:40

Allen Dermes

Love the haters!! 💋

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