LIVE 9/19 Jason Garrett Press Conference | Dallas Cowboys – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Shawn Hardin

Starts at 11:06

Michael Barnes

Wht good coach !!!!


So, it’s like 10 minutes of waiting for the press conference to start, then it lasts 5 minutes. Anyway Garret is coaching for his career this season. If the team fails, he’ll never coach again. Not even in Cleveland.

Travis Mellow

Why waist 11 minutes waiting on him for 6 minutes of talking should’ve just you know cut that 11 minutes out

Atoyia M Blackshear

I❤My Cowboys!!!!!🌟GO COWBOYS!!!!!!🏈🌟🏆💪👊💯👍😁

John Garcia

Keep 1 eye on the Pats! You have to disrupt Brady. You have to keep touching him! The whole game!

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