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google must_die Reply

still running the same old Jason Garrett offense when every single team out there has all of our schemes memorized. He needs to go

    Stacy Lynn Sutherland Reply

    Why jerry jones allows them to run the same old offense year after year is a question i have often pondered

    Stacy Lynn Sutherland Reply

    Look who it is thegorn 68 jason garretts personal butt kisser …go back to football school loser the first time didnt teach you much

    google must_die Reply

    @thegorn68 Kellen Moore is calling the plays designed by Garrett. Everybody has our number.

Reginald Johnson Reply

Day by day

Kaptain KoRn Reply


Retro Future 84- Reply

Media: “So Garrett, how will you guys respond after such a devastating loss to the Saints?
Jason Garrett: “Clap, clap, clap, and clap…. till you can’t clap no more guys! That’s my final answer”.

    thegorn68 Reply

    Wow! That was so imaginative, original and hilarious. Did you come up with that all by yourself or do you have a team of comedy writers?

    Stacy Lynn Sutherland Reply

    Thegorn68 seems a bit jealous of your wit Retro future 84 , 🤫😂😂 you are right though jason garrett doesnt seem to care if they win or lose …he has never fought for the team on the field whatever sorry call the referee makes he just claps and claps some more

From Texas Reply

Fast forward to 9:30

Cowboys Nation409 Reply

Skip to 9:21

Stacy Lynn Sutherland Reply

Dallas may as well not even have a head coach , jason garrett is the equivalent of not having a head coach 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 he claps like a cheer leader

DrStephen H Reply

Garrett must stop the conservative play calling…. Let Moore call his game and let Dak be Dak!!!!

Dre Ball Reply

Yea you talk a good game

intender4good Reply

There’s my coach! Go get them Garrett.

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