LIVE 10/2 Jason Garrett Press Conference | Dallas Cowboys – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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T Luck Reply


joetxtek21 Reply


Lava LifeGuard Reply

Same old monotone BS from Garrett

thegorn68 Reply

Cowboys are 1-7 in the last 8 games against the Fudge Packers. Time to make a change to the rivalry.

GW Reply

Best strat to win on Sunday, take this fools headset away and let him watch from the tunnel. And while our game plan is being discussed and drawn up, make him go take a 4 hour crap and stay out of the meeting room. WE ALL KNOW IT WAS YOU CLAP THAT SCHEMED THE SAINTS GAME!

    Jeanpaul Rosario Reply

    Mr clap let moore do his thing the first 3 games. But the fact that they did 7 play action vs saints its obviously clear that mr clap had to do something with that.

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