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Dirty Dan Reply

O-line lookin good ngl

    Kyle D Reply

    @Ha Ha i hope ur joking cause if ur not ur knowledge of football is nothing

    Ha Ha Reply

    @Kyle D aww my feelings hurt wow. Ur so cool omg u should be a coach omg. Ur football knowledge is amazing 😉

    Mikiyas 17 Reply

    @IREalGoatx These weren’t even the lions starters so i wouldnt get my hopes up if i were you lolol

    mike h Reply

    Forget about Watson… Look what Joe Webb has been able to accomplish as opposed to last preseason where he haf what a total of 1 touchdown? No pressure on our number 3 sounds like an improvement.

John Marston Reply

Our oline did alright

    Brandon Montgomery Reply

    Its the preseason. Even the Seahawks o line looks good

    Q Kellz Reply

    Till they play the pats in the playoffs 😂 lol

    Aaron Eguiluz Reply

    @Q Kellz how you gonna talk trash with a bucaneers pfp

HT82 Smash Reply

When did Watson get that time to throw last year. I’ll wait

    J.P MAGIC Reply


    Bryan Adams Reply

    Lions missing 3 starters on dline. He wouldn’t get that much time in the regular season. Plus no stunts or twists, super vanilla.👌

    Xinc Reply

    Preseason 😂 the lions starting d line is much better than what they showed

    HT82 Smash Reply

    All of you make excellent points. I was just excited Watson had time to throw

    Hector Medina Reply

    It’s only preseason but it’s promising

Cristian Marquez Reply

Texans Takeaways ⬇️

•Texans o-line did phenomenal even tho most of the lions d line in the first quarter were backups

•Joe Webb is a poor decision maker but he had his moments which made our backup receivers shine

•TE Core is the strongest the Texans have ever had…EVER

•Good to see D-Hop and D-Wat connecting early

•Secondary allowed some big plays which needs to be fixed ASAP it’s unacceptable

    Zentz Reply


    Efrain Jaimes Reply

    Thank you coach Marquez 😂😂😂

    Cristian Marquez Reply

    I can’t believe we have the same name and live in Houston 😮

    Philipp Gampe Reply

    Joe Webb does a lot of good stuff but he needs to stay away from throwing in double or triple coverage. The secondary really needs to step up. I don’t like the backups at D-Line, they don’t produce as much as they should.

    Cristian Marquez Reply

    Efrain Jaimes no problem I’m here all day

Spurs Dynasty73 Reply

Best play was Adams stiff-arm Adams like a ragdoll !

    shas wards Reply

    Youtube google Jr.Miller.

    Louie Zdrodowski Reply

    When u say 250, 300lbs vs 160 170 lbs

    Trent Johnson Reply

    That wasn’t even a stiff arm. It was just a slap, that dude ought to walk into the office himself and hand over his playbook.

    Edwin Batiste Reply

    Trent Johnson lmao 😂 that was embarrassing

mystical sithlord Reply

8:43 if the LB didn’t stop and turn around to push the guard he would’ve got a sack

    Yo Da Man :Tell Me This They Do Reply

    mystical sithlord I was thinking the same thing 🤣

    dc7236 Reply

    Na too risky.. He might get ejected for sacking the qb

    Trent Johnson Reply

    He couldnt believe his luck. Figured there must be a screen on. Thatll he laughs in the film room.

    miniHAWK n00b Reply

    ayyyy. I’m glad someone else noticed that lol. WTF was he doing?

    Ali Activ Plus - Energy n Stamina Booster Reply

    When did Watson get that time to throw last year. I’ll wait

David Parker Reply

Joe Webb is timeless. Deep ball was a thing of beauty.


    David Parker joe Webb horrible play lost us the game against the packers

    Trev Gooty Reply

    Hes a dog

Albertico Hernandez Reply

That linebacker, #45, he had a sack! Why’d he stutter and turn around!

    Enrique castruita Reply

    The Linebacker thought it was run and went to go after the running back then realized it was play action (pass) and went to go chase after the tight end just to realize he’s in protection blocking. Either way he shouldn’t have been there in the first place and should’ve been out in space playing a zone

    Matt B Reply


    Blade Brown, Blocked By URL Reply

    Madden glitch

    AlienSource TV Reply


ruben27lozano Reply

I know it’s just preseason but the texans oline did okay today

    macki's world Reply

    ruben27lozano they did okay huh? We didn’t play snacks flowers Daniels or hand

    visionary. Reply

    macki’s world lol last year I could’ve sacked Deshaun with that oline

    macki's world Reply

    visionary. Ye

    Dalton Watson Reply

    @visionary. LOL True. They couldn’t block a preschooler if they wanted to.

    Dalton Watson Reply

    @visionary. BTW I love your videos!

Solis Reuben Reply

So yall just going to act like Buddy Howell didnt look like marshawn lynch out there

    Solis Reuben Reply

    @jboy282 1 duke johnson IS a beast thats without question i hope he does stick around id love to his development

    jboy282 1 Reply

    I’m sorry I said Johnson I meant Higdon looks good on special teams

    Greg P Reply

    @Michael Simmons What? Lol. I am not a Lions fan. I don’t even pay attention to them. All I am saying is that the above statement is absurd because this guy was running against scrubs.

    Solis Reuben Reply

    @Greg P dude unless you can do better just stfu

    kingjreuter Reply

    Solis Reuben he played 1 quarter

Gary Crook Reply

Webb to Smith TD – 5:08, best of the week 2 games…. damn…..

    Vonshaun Cunningham Reply

    I agree, this was actually a good game

Ted Zepplin Reply

i like hockensons run after the catch, seems like good speed for a big man. excited to see what him and stafford will do this year

Austin Rich Reply

you might think texans o line was good but it was against back ups

    KaMau Mau Reply

    Doesn’t matter with the lions.

Dallas Cervantes123 Reply

Can the o line play like this in the regular and post season please

    T bone Reply

    I hope so but the problem is bill ‘o brien

The Masoko Reply

Damn Watson getting ages in that pocket now. He’s nice with it when he has time

    Louie Zdrodowski Reply

    Every QB is good with time that’s a dumb statement dude

    helmedon Reply

    Lions had most of their starting line out the whole game though. No, Tre Flowers, Snacks, Hand, Bryant, no Jarrad Davis. Not saying the O line wasn’t good, just playing against guys who won’t be on a team in a few weeks.

    Matt C Reply

    The amount of time Watson holds the ball makes his oline look terrible

    Ryan Demboski Reply

    helmedon facts

    NIc K Reply

    Dude he had time to change his password before throwing that ball 😂

Chris Anders Reply

Texans Offense actually looking better than the Defense!? I know it’s just preseason but more of this please!

Angel Cadena Reply

that OL clearly is an improvement. and Watson is looking more sharper. same goes for webb
as for defense gud as usual but those newbies r quicker than I had expected👍

mcjagermech Reply

The Texans oline looked good because they were playing Detroit’s 2nd and 3rd string linemen in the first half

Nacho Cheese Reply

Our O line did great but ik it’s preseason. So I’ll wait til next week when they go against guys like demarcus lawrence, jaylen smith, and leighton vander-esh. Can’t wait for a hopefully good line

    3one3Curt Reply

    Yea and the lions have trey flowers, Snacks harrison and Mike daniels lol they didnt play though..

Riggs Egolf Reply

I guess having the number 89 let’s you stiff arm people into oblivion

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