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Escocivo 30

The Lions seem to be finally showing up. I just can’t put my finger of what’s making them good?

    Mike Rodgers

    Skill. 😁

    Star Key Little G

    @Charleybones nah lmao Eagles were down by 3 with ALL those mistakes they did. Not bc the lions out played them.

    Its litterly what I saw. A team has to win. It was the team that caught the ball.

    Abd Ghazzawi

    Smoke and mirrors

Tawhid Hussain

I can’t believe I’m saying this, the Detroit Lions are undefeated

    John Bell

    Don’t worry Chiefs will end that🔴🔴

    King Kong Aint Got Shit On Me

    They should be 3-0


    AGK927 ok let me know, who defeated them?


    Aboleo80 that’s not how it works

    Straight Circle

    So are the bills…

Gabe Kapler

Eagles receivers need to lay off the popcorn on the sidelines


    you’ll be unemployed shortly, Gabe.


    Tqils 00 and that rb that fumbled twice in one drive

    Santizo BRZ

    They got b-b-b-bUTTER FINGERS.


You don’t know what to expect from the Lions. They can either let you down against a mediocre team or do great against an above average team (not saying the eagles are above average)

    Jermaine Lee

    that ninja420 definitely would been if you seen how they were playing the wrs it would been a field day for them

    Dalis Troy

    @Lucus Wise yaw lost.. They undefeated yaw won 1 game. Eagles are trash. Live with it

    Lucus Wise

    @Dalis Troy the Lions must be trash too had like 3 chances to put us away and still couldn’t close the game had to depend on pass interference calls to ice the game and a block in the back call that would’ve won the game..against backups

    vet meeks

    @That guy 111 10 injuries to starting players? Gtfoh

Fingering Things

It was a hard fought battle but the Eagles won the punch yourself contest.

    Joshua Wood

    @Christopher Graves Well, you see what happened was, your team sucked more than the other team sucked, and you lost.
    It’s ok though, you can make excuses for it here, it won’t reflect the 1-2 record changing, but if it makes you feel better to whine go for it!

    Too bad the Lions secondary “dropped the dimes” when they had those easy interceptions eh, cry baby?

    Christopher Graves

    @Joshua Wood lol you didnt watch the game there was no pass that was close to and interception lol at least try with your argument

    Joshua Wood

    @Christopher Graves Why would I?

    I did watch the highlights, and unfortunately for you, and your lies, there were. 😛

    Christopher Graves

    @Joshua Wood you must be a child lol…cause you didn’t watch the game

    Joshua Wood

    @Christopher Graves you must be an idiot, because I already stated that I watched the high lights….

Fingering Things

Despite their best efforts, the Lions have gone undefeated in 3 games

    Musa Fawundu

    Arsenal Invincibles… Man, many of these American fans don’t know anything about soccer, and think that a draw is a defeat, no matter when one explains that at end of the game the final score had the two teams with the same points.

    Fell Par

    cryin’ lion they didn’t lose a game tho

    Joshua Wood

    @Musa Fawundu True, we don’t care about soccer.

    Thank god for that!


    You’ve got to give it to the Lions. If any teams needs success, it’s them.

    Petty Ceddy

    Feels good to be undefeated cheers from a 49ers fan 😁

Raid Pirate

The Lions beat two straight playoff teams but they tied with the Cardinals…only the Lions!!

    Raid Pirate

    @Yvng Juan 214 I was referring to last year. The Chargers aren’t looking pretty right now either, but I’m still impressed the Lions beat both of them.

    Kai Malik

    Techno-mage except GB wasnt a playoff team last year


    Absolute definition of the Detroit Lions!

    Master Baiter

    Yvng Juan 214 with djax and Alshon Jeffrey back we are a playoff team


    @Yvng Juan 214 right now my team is not a playoff team. Depending on what this guy says his team may not be either.

Raging Corndog

As an eagles fan. I aint blaming refs. We shot ourselves in foot with fumbles and dropped passes

    King Kong Aint Got Shit On Me

    Cuz yall are overrated af

    Car Ram-Rod

    And inaccurate throws

    Michael Huynh

    Remember that Malcolm Jenkins did an unnecessary block in the back that put the offense back in the 50 during that blocked field goal! I get that he’s a hero for blocking that kick but he also screwed us when he committed that penalty. Damn it this game hurts!


Eagles fans, use this comment as a WTF button.

    King Kong Aint Got Shit On Me

    Yall overrated af

    CMP_ 18

    Alex T.

    Wentz is actually one of the best parts of are team


As a Lions fan, I still cannot believe they did not call that facemask. He could’ve been killed.

    Animo et Prudentia

    Wow, just saw that highlight and I agree. WTH? Wouldn’t be surprised if the league issues him a fine cause he deserves it. Spoken as a lifetime Lions fan.

    Andrew Bondsteel

    They won’t call that one but they’ll call a facemask if we touch (not grab) Aaron Rogers facemask!

    Adam William

    @Bryan Jennings I want to know where the facemesk was too. Unfortunately nobody has put it on here.

    Isaiah Mendez

    @Bryan Jennings almost broke his neck

    Marco Brotto

    minute number pleaseeee

Marcus Webb

The Eagles o line just standing around at 8:00 while Carson is running around is just painful to watch

    Alan Shaw

    8:00 reminds me of the longest yard scene when the oline found out that Adam Sandler was throwing away the game lol lol


    5 seconds its enough


    @T B It usually is. Don’t know true pain if you never suffered.

    T B

    @Alan Shaw That scene in the original movie was much funnier

    Laryl Lassie

    They don’t respect him and he knows it. Good luck for the rest of the season with that in your locker room. Can’t wait until my Boyz pound these overrated clowns

Aljoriz 14

7 DROPS? You’ve got to be kidding me… I don’t care if they’re college backups that’s unacceptable. Poor Wentz lays it all out there and isn’t rewarded

    Don Mega

    @cognitive dissident no he got them to the playoffs ,foles got them to the superbowl

    Jaron Roseboro

    @Don Mega he’s playing in his 4th season. Calm down. He’s definitely not a veteran.

    Don Mega

    @Jaron Roseboro uhhhg 4th year makes him a vet

Bre Johnson

i told people them lions boys something different great W pride

    Chris Grissom


    moon eulogy

    @Quel M lmao not their top three offensive weapons and the second best dt in the the entire league though.

    stephen schneider

    Go back to school and learn english. I have no idea what that means.


    Lions choked big time against AZ, blowing a 18pt lead, so settle down man. Ain’t nothing “different”. It’s only been 3 games. But glad they beat them sorryass Eagles though.

Gabe Bear Zilla 99

Good luck for the rest of the season Detroit coming from a Bills fan.

    L D

    @cognitive dissident lol you aren’t gonna beat them.

    N R

    Bills and Lions are the greatest alliance

    Babybone G

    Rift Distortion I’m a raiders fan but I’m from Ny so I check on all my Ny teams Nd I been watching The bills YouTube channel all season to see wat type of moves they’ll be making Nd I could tell they were gonna be A SERIOUS PROBLEM this year. I got them going 9-7 wildcard

    C S

    @Babybone G

    How do you root for teams other than NY ? I’m from Boston and I’ve stuck with my Boston teams for over 40 years now. I couldn’t imagine changing dispitw being in Texas. It just feels wrong.

    Babybone G

    C S cvz I don’t go for teams jus cvz of where I’m from thts so Cliche, I’m my own man Nd I decide my team off of the history

deaths dentist

Jesus, does Wentz have more tackles than touchdowns today?

    cheatham custom

    And respect to him cuz he tackled man damn near 400 lb DT AShawn Robinson

    vince widemann

    Somehow, Wentz stepped up as a defensive beast. Maybe he missed his true calling. 🤣

    Taylor Harrison

    Not if you count the 3 dropped touchdowns.

Sckrt Sckrt

The bills and lions are undefeated in week 3…. what world is this…

    Sadiq Madison

    @kitdacraze phillyphilly they play my Pat’s so their win streak will not last


    The 49ers to


    Won’t last for long

    That guy 111

    Its good to see both fan bases are hungry

    Jay Harv28

    @kitdacraze phillyphilly they won’t be having an easy game against us. (The Pats)

Brotherly Love Productions

Shades of 2016 receiving corps up in Philly.

    Don Mega

    And last year 💀💀💀💀🤣🤣😅😂

    Anhell Daveela

    Exactly what I was thinking.

    Bullhorn Twin

    Yeah. Feels like it. Need djax and alshon back ASAP

    Lucas Larson

    2016 was brutal. Nothing open downfield and everyone dropping. Last pass high JJ right in the hands. Pretty piss poor when this highly touted second round pick can’t catch a pass that hits him right in the freaking mitts

Luke Huntington

Its seems that Stafford remembered that Marvin Jones is on the team.

    Luis the Goat

    Luke Huntington dbs suck smh except Malcom we need Ramsey

    Aegon One

    That’s apart of the game plan week to week. He has a complete set of solid weapons across the board. Depending on your opponents weaknesses you make one of 5 potential receivers your hot read for the game. Marvin Jones was this weeks hot read. Just like tj hockensen was week 1 hot read.

Jake Melonhead

Alright putting some respect on the Lions name -Ravens fan

    moon eulogy

    why? they tried giving philly that win as hard as they could. philly was missing 3 of their best offensive players and countless defensive players including the second best dt in the game

    Detroit Sports247

    That QB y’all got though phew!!!!!!


    Detroit Sports247 he a monster ain’t he? Out here dropping people to their knees 😂😂

Kristian Ryden

NFC north is one of the best divisions in football.

    Kai Malik

    Is* the best

    Ethan Asuega

    @Kai Malik Forget about NFC West?

    Kai Malik

    Ethan Asuega forget about the Cardinals?

    King Kong Aint Got Shit On Me

    The BEST

    Shawn Montgomery

    Packers 3-0
    Lions 2-0-1
    Vikings 2-1
    Bears should be 2-1 if they beat Washington tonight

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