Lions vs Chiefs Trailer – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
The Fit Gamer

Chiefs like every team has flaws

    Jimmy Spittin' Dore

    And the Lion’s flaw is the person who throws 1 pick for every 2 td lol

    Bryon Letterman

    And the Lions’ flaw is that they’re the Lions

    Lorin Keehn

    Jimmy spittin’ dore. Good thing its 1 int to every 3 touchdowns. Currently.

    Lorin Keehn

    @Bryon Letterman say that to the chargers and the eagles. Lolol


    The Fit Gamer lol ur bout to get steam rolled

JJ Montero

Ketchup Mahomes about to see some real Work! I hope slay is good we will need him for this this gives him a chance to show everyone what he is made of and why he deserves more $$$$. Ketchup mahomes has not threw a INT till this Sunday when that boy slay rips one out the sky! Let’s go Boys let’s make a STATEMENT! Make every other team and media show us respect. DETROITVSEveryone. 🦁


    @THE NICKSTER GAMING I’ll come back to this comment on monday. Were going to eat your defense up in a dome. hahaha

    James Mull- Adkins/ Gamertag - LEgNDofMrRaGER

    @robdog0329 yeah they arent holding the Chiefs under 30 lmfao

    Sayena Aruk Bissong

    @THE NICKSTER GAMING lmao Imma come back to your comment

    Darin Hendrix

    Wait until the boos start raining down in that hellhole like your fans did in the preseason. This will be a massacre of epic proportions. Hope the special uniforms you are wearing help you out. Ketchup tastes good with raw lion meat and a forty-burger. Chiefs 41 Kitty Cats 17

    JJ Montero

    Darin Hendrix I guess that’s why your just a Fan like me….we will see what happens on the field soon bud. Happy to know you support your team as I support mine. Just don’t be to cocky bruh football is a crazy sport.

The Jeneral View


    Iziah Boss

    Detroit forever 🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁

yayo badass

Dis goin be one crazy game our fan’s really goin be beyond hype an very loud so the Lions players goin to need feed off of that espically on big plays an big stp

Akil Dilip

I got a Patrick Mahomes ad lol

    Iziah Boss

    Akil Dilip same the Head and shoulders ad 😂😂

Dynamic Duo

Lets get this dub and stay in the lead of division

Sh He

We gotta believe! Love my fckn 🦁, no matter what. I hope we make a statement tomorrow, I’ve been trough some tough times defending my lions, was always the lone on, but I can’t break with my team, my city… More than a football team for me. Sending you love from Germany, god bless you all ✝️


    Sh He I can relate. From Cali one pride 🦁!!!!!


12th man! LETS GO EVERYONE!!!


Josh Treviño


Noah Somerville



We need that crowd to show up big time this week. I’m talking that ol skool loud when they tried to penalize the defense for the noise….

Dean Toma

I hope stafford is ok and plays man we need him or else this season is a good as over

    Mortal Films

    That mf tougher den a $2 steak he playin bro

Gary Schaefer

Whoever is going to the game you better be loud on every down this game I hope it’s a playoff game atmosphere

Nick Middaugh

Gonna be our most eventful game of the season

    Dan Rozanski

    Maybe. GB week 17 might be a lot bigger

Don Bur



Yes sir lions tear them up show them this is your season

Clutch_ Big

I am going to that game it is going to be great GO LIONS


Lions always lose these types of games, hopeful they change that narrative tomorrow!

    Sir DingooSe

    Lions always win these types of games. They lose games that they should win, such as jets last year or Cardinals this year (they didnt lose but u get the point)

Lorin Keehn

Hope Stafford is healthy enough. But dont overwork the man

Mario Krueger

NFL network says this will be Patrick Mchomes first indoor NFL game ……GET LOUD …..Ford Field!!!!!!

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