Lions vs Chargers Trailer – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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ReadyjoE Reply

I’ve never been more excited, to be utterly disappointed

    Jacob Olson Reply

    ReadyjoE I feel you

    Mark Douglas Reply

    You did it. You described being a lions fan

    I Win Reply

    Divine_Wrath the team is good enough it’s just the coaches are morons

    Harjun B Reply

    @Divine_Wrath Gosh darn I hope you eat your words

DuB_Inferno Reply

i’ll see you guys this sunday! #OnePride

Mark Stapels Reply

Get ready to hear that ROAR!!!! #ONEPRIDE

Lorin Keehn Reply

A very huge week big boy. Come on I know we hungry for W. Lets get a charge for the season by stomping out the chargers

    Max Cochran Reply

    Lorin Keehn hehehe get a charge. Chargers by 2 possessions

TheRealScottG Reply

This ain’t the Cardinals!
Hope you bring your A game Detroit!
There’s a Thunderstorm
coming to town!

    Adrian Parra Reply


    HeyItsChris ! Reply

    You guys are good, but now you’re in the lions den #onepride. Still reapect you guys though


    TheRealScottG Hell Yeah. The CHARGERS ARE IN TOWN ⚡️⚡️ 🌧

    Low Tier Trash Reply

    We won’t.
    We’ll disappoint like in last year’s home opener.

Dynamic Duo Reply

Give Kerryon some touches please. They gave over half to CJ Anderson and Kerryon is a 2nd year back trying to become a super star give it him. Either way just get dub. GO LIONS

    TJ Douglas Reply

    Dynamic Duo they couldn’t establish the run in week one. They will take it game by game with Kerryon.

    Steven P Reply

    no rush to force kerryon the ball if CJ runs well, gotta keep backs healthy and fresh and hungry even if that means splitting carries.

    David Corless Reply

    Kerryon has been over hyped. He has proven nothing really. No team last year gameplanned to stop him. I hope he lives up to the hype but I am not holding my breath

    David Corless Reply

    Meanwhile Stafford got more pressures than any other QB in week one and still had 3TDs and high QB rating.

Tyler Bouck Reply

Let’s go Detroit!!!

Mark Mohr Reply

Not even going to watch. Tired of this same old crap. Been disappointed for 53 years and still no hope again this year. Another crappy coach and worthless GM.

    ASPEN 75 Reply

    They had a few good coaches back then just they got rid of them cause it’s the lions

    shad216jf Reply

    Lol I’m a lions fan and even i can admit that this fanbase is a bunch of pussies that can’t stop living in the past😂😂 #SameOldFans

    Don Bur Reply

    Hes not gonna watch but cant stay off the LIONS page folks we have a same ol LIONS fan say the same BS and still watches lol

Restore The Roar! Reply

*Who should be our next head coach?*

    One Ugly 95 Reply

    I say give MP one more year to prove himself. He brought in alot of nice rookies that are still developing, I can imagine the team he can build if he gets some time

    Don Bur Reply

    Matt Patricia

One Ugly 95 Reply

We need this W man we play against Philly next week, that’s a tough one too

SpaceRanger413 Reply

I still cant get over last week. I honestly feel like I will never see the lions be relevant in my lifetime.

Gee Wiz Reply

Well they practically have the SB going to the pats/eagles. I’m sure we (Lions) may not get there this year. But who knows what these Sundays may have in store. Win or lose…Pride fan forever. GO LIONS!!!

Calvin Johnson81 Reply

#OnePride 🔵⚪️🦁

Mark Symbala Reply

Go lions

Vash Starwind Reply

Go Lions! 🦁☝️

Gary Wright Reply

Like Wojo would say ” Big Game Big Game !”😄😄😄😀😆😅

Nore1a Reply

This game is going to be special! I am rooting for the Lions all the way from Germany 🦁

Low Tier Trash Reply

You guys are fncked and you know it.
Stop hyping up your fans and disappointing them Lions.
If you can’t beat one of the worse team in the NFC,then what’s makes you think you can win against the rest of your schedule?
I suggest you trade Stafford,Golladay,KJ,hell all the players worth a damn because I can’t stand to see them suffer in purgatory every fncking.

    Evan Scorpio Reply

    Low Tier Trash chargers Are In The AFC And Last Year The Bolts Went 12-4 🤪

Noah Muhle Reply


Aarav Satturu Reply

All the kids that said the lions would get clapped you guys aren’t true fans, also you guys were wrong

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