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Larry Fitzgerald played like the legend he is.

    isaac huerta

    TEEBEUTEL HODEN hell yeah man, good for larry, may he get the curtain call he deserves

    Ameer Rehman

    David Stufflebean he’s been to a superbowl, he was given a chance, but they got finessed by the steelers

    Commander Yannis


    Nick Matthews

    Too bad he’s on the second worst team… womp womp

Jake Mathis

Kyler Murray’s first regular season game is a tie. Unbelievable

    Naru 'Sanav

    @Guhbs Beats No, I’m not? 🤷‍♂️ You should consider no longer projecting your emotions onto other people.

    Guhbs Beats

    @Naru ‘Sanav lmao you really got me there bud. Hope you re read these in a few years and realize how silly you look. Something or someone clearly hurt you, hope youre alight

    Naru 'Sanav

    @Guhbs Beats No, you’re just a buffoon.

    Guhbs Beats

    @Naru ‘Sanav lol youre so triggered

    Naru 'Sanav

    @Guhbs Beats Okay.

Wacker Texas Ranger

Had us in the first three quarters, not gonna lie

    Josh Navarro

    @Dan Rozanski not gonna lie, I read your comment wrong and assumed you were saying the refs were preventing the defense from playing. I’ll take my L


    @Dan Rozanski do they? I guess that explains why the cardinals line was crumbling like a wall made of tofu


    @oscar not even the rams, picture. minnesota, chicago and green bay, NFC north is on the schedule, my god they are going to feast on this kid. Remember he said to antonio after the game ” why did yall blitz so much” should have played baseball kid.


    @YKTV YOUKNOWTHEVIBES TV agreed.. the cardinals should invest on a better line.

Indigenous Popcorn

The game was over. Then Fitzgerald drank some coffee at halftime.


    Indigenous Popcorn lmao or maybe Larry legend is a beast and is known for clutch catches and decided to spazz for Murray in the 4th cuz it was still 6-24 in the 4th quarter

    kudzai tanhara

    I’m dead😂😂

    Nick Matthews

    The lions feel asleep in the 4th quarter


    Nick Matthews I think it’s better to say “they were actually awake” for any other part of the game

    Nick Matthews

    @banklikefrankwhite1 xD

jaylen lucio

Hopefully the AZ Cardinals play the entire season like they did in the 4th quarter and we’ll be alright.

    8balln8 killingu65

    Let’s be honest, the only reason you tried was because of the Detroit lions
    Detroit makes errors only they can make,
    If you are losing to Detroit, they will literally help you fix that error
    Honestly the last pass should have been picked off n Arizona getting a game winning field goal

    adam gorz

    Maybe if your opponent was the lions every time.

    Brad Taylor

    If ya’ll can just protect kylar yall gonna break hearts this year.


    Air Raid sucks bro… That QB is garbage. I just hope he kept his Baseball glove and the A’s on speed dial.


Overtime rules suck at least play the full 15 min again not no damn 10

    Football Productions

    @Dee.god5 Laura worked for nearly a century and wasn’t hard for then why would it become harmful out of the blue there’s no excuse for that


    Football Productions so then tell me what the cut off should be. Unlike basketball scoring in football is difficult even field goals. There is a reason why the league has implemented new policies to protect players. If you extend OT or add in more OT more players are going to be injured unnecessarily for one game. If both teams can’t score given OT then call it a tie and move on. Athletes are humans too they aren’t just entertainers

    Sha Rha

    @RayRaySoShy I agree . I hate starbucks also .

Lamar Newton

Kyler still needs a better O-line. Running like Tom Cruise in a Mission: Impossible movie.


    Lamar Newton 😂😂😂😂facts

    Mark Parson

    Yes…It’s going to be a long year (or an injury-shortened one) for both Kyler and Hopkins in Houston because of their O-lines. Also, the Cardinals secondary just seemed lacking in this game.

1 BlackAnt

The Lions had the game won in the 4th until somebody on their sideline called a time out!!!

    Trevor Rotan

    But he was with the patriots.

    Matt Geiger

    @Trevor Rotan ok have you ever worked for walmart??


    @Donut _ Technically, a former Patriot always costs us the game. Can we bench Matt Patricia?


    Donut _ Patriots fans tried to warn y’all about Patricia

Shaun De La Cruz

Did anyone else notice kyler Murray was sacked by his own linemen at 1:00

    Steven Conrad

    He belly flopped him

    Andre Michael

    Yeah i have bleacher report too

    Jon Kapler

    lmfao hell ya

    Justin Krumm



    for real his linemen couldnt see him, like legit was looking over his head!

Erza Scarlet

To be honest, Lions would’ve won if those damn coaches hadn’t called a time out.

    Luis Sanchez

    I saw that while watching the game.. his lineman jumped on him..😂

    Oppressed Panda

    The Lions have shown over the years when they have a lead, they find ways to lose. TJ and Danny were torching the Cards and they didnt get them the ball after the Cardinals starting coming back.


    Yeah but happens saints should’ve went to Superbowl they changed rules because of it but it doesn’t matter because rams went

Chris Delagarza


    Jazz Man

    I was shocked when they said game over, I must don’t know football as well as I thought

    Bradley Johnson

    Jazz Man Playoffs and college do t have ties, but nfl regular season overtime rules are stupid


Lions up 24-6
Lions fans: were gonna win!
Lions: hold my football.

    yourlocal Minecraft bandwagon

    @Tony Martin remember the first against the chargers in Calvin’s last season. Sad that we suck so bad

    8balln8 killingu65

    As a packers fan, every week I wonder if you lions ARE ACTUALLY TRYING TO WIN
    When are you going to realize Stafford and management WILL CONTINUE TO BE LAUGHED AT by everyone else in the division??
    And you wonder why you HAVE NEVER WON A DIVISION TITLE
    Because you had THE SAME CULTURE OF FAILURE YEAR AFTER YEAR and expect a different result
    Hell I’m willing to expand that THERE IS NOT A TEAM IN THE LEAGUE that doesn’t want to play vs you lions BECAUSE YOU LITERALLY HELP THE OTHER TEAM TO WIN

    Meteor Smash

    @Matthew Miller Hey I remember you from that 2015 week 13 highlights of the Eagles vs Patriots video.

    Marshal Parsons

    @Tony Martin jets fans agree with you on that one


    I’ll not stand by and watch you slander the undefeated Detroit Lions!

Jared GOAT

Who else wishes there were no ties in the nfl. just gives me OCD looking at their records

    Steven Conrad

    Just do sudden death

    Noah Dye

    At least you guys have a great Tightend now?


    I don’t understand why they don’t just copy college football. So exciting


Larry Legend! My God! This man should have an entire room dedicated to him in Canton!

    Taylor Harrison

    You guys hype him up way way too much, he is a hof, but was he ever the best receiver for even 1 year, or even the second best, no he never was, you guys act like he’s jerry rice, slow down.

    CPGoat #3

    @MacAusty1108 that nickname is already taken by Bird.

Evan S

Blowing a 24-6 lead to the Cardinals and tying in the end.

This is the most Lions thing ever

    John Boehmer

    “Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, Charlie Brown, you’re the DetroitLionsiest!”….”Good grief!”

Charles Solano

Glad to see they didn’t give up man! Cards have a lot to learn but this team has some balls. Go cards!

Turner Jensen

Kyler murray probably runs around 200 yards a game just by scrambling around in his backfield

    Derek Castillo

    And I’m sure every other qb runs 175 yards also easy lol.


Larry is the GOAT… and the most clutch wide receiver to ever live

Itzmichael 111

Is it just me or whenever fitz catches a ball I get excited for him


    you’ve answered your question ..

    Bogdan Stabilović

    Fitz’s simply GOAT.

    Dre TruStatement

    Not just you at all

    Chapel Tibet

    Pass receivers are often just awesome making impossible catches.

Real Brethem

All these clowns on the internet were calling Kyler a bust after less than 30 minutes lmfao

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