Lions Game Plan: Week 3 vs Philadelphia – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
The Fit Gamer

Take advantage of the injuries!

Sofaking Sweet

This is the best team we have had in a LONG time! NO EXCUSES




    Sithepig = Reck Eagles Easily

Sky Dawg

We need flowers to stand up and make worth of what we paid for

Jon Smith

Get to wentz early and we win

Bryan Smith

Discipline in our secondary and some inspired pocket pressure will give us the chance to take this game.

Michael Perez

I love your new haircut, Tori Petry! You’re beautiful.


    Michael Perez I thought she had a new haircut I thought I was going crazy here. LOL!

    Michael Perez

    @PredatorKingdom haha I see you have good taste as well

    Travis Haney

    Looks good still cant believe she cut it though


    @Michael Perez Yep LOL! Love me some short-haired blondes like that and she got that Southern accent that just gets me.


    @Travis Haney I can’t believe it either but if I’m not mistaken I think she had it cut before.

Mark Mohr

Lions will lose this game. Like Chris Spielman says it tough to win on the road. I remember when Wentz was a rookie and if Slay did not intercept his pass the Lions would lose it. Lions still need a better coach and GM. Yes I am a SOL fan.



    Mark Mohr

    ​@Robert Whitney look at this


    But Slay did intercept it… What’s your point man. Stay optimistic. We somehow got that Chargers game so I won’t count us out

    Robert Whitney

    @Mark Mohr my bad. Let’s just get a repeat of the same outcome, when they play again. All i want is the W.

Daniel Griffiths

Patricia is a genius, you found a way last weekend , let’s find a way this weekend. 👍

Dennis T

The Eagles have many injuries and that is a plus for us but this Eagles team is still great. I think we will comeback and FINISH strong. Change Our Culture Change Our World 🌎Go Honolulu Blue 🦁

benjamin cuevas

Tori I will give you oral!

Red Wings

Sticky coverage? 🤣 I love Detroit


Lions Video Department: I like this, but you need to step up your game. Check out what the Eagles Game Plan looks like for this week’s game and try to do something similar (an open and close, multiple segments, sets, and guests). As is, Eagles Game Plan is much better than the Lions Game Plan. If you’d like additional input, I’m moving back to MI soon, I’m a Specs Howard grad, and I’m available.

    oozie dank

    i totally agree. i follow the Cleveland Browns youtubbe channel, and their “building the browns” series has such good production quality. i would love to see a more seamless product instead of a bunch of 2-3 min videos. they have a good editing team over there in Cleveland

Talking With Tonio

Best overall team since 2014 let’s not waste this talent

Mark Dent

I wish the eagles was playing at full strength that would tell if lions good football team

Quel M

Let’s see a complete game and whoop these eagles . Haven’t seen a complete game yet but still unbeaten. Let’s go, one pride!

Aegon One

Did yall see that photo analysis on the lions defense in the red zone last week? The defensive scheme was absolutely brilliant. Rivers had no where to go with the ball. Except for throwing it into double coverage on slay and tracy

Kyle Walsh

Love me some matt “standpoint” patricia


Our offense is going for 30 this week

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