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Gary Devones Reply

Class Act. He could have been selfish and waited for his rookie contract to exp and probably be the highest paid linebacker in the history of the NFL but he figured he owe it to the Cowboys they stood bye hom through his adversity

    Martin Ndabi Reply

    @Jason Lankford that’s 100%

    Martin Ndabi Reply

    @Dana Jett 😝

    Justin Ehly Reply

    @Pat_N_Black dude, spot on. These guys are over reaching

Jayhussl Reply

I respect Jaylon for caring about his family and the guys on that team that help him do what he do. Knowing he is not the only player that has to get a piece of the pie. Congratulations Jaylon, Ms. Smith and the Dallas Cowboys.

Manuel Tovar Reply

Great deal done!! Congratulations!! Now lets get Dak ,zeke, cooper taken care of. ❤ ❤

    Dana Jett Reply

    It’s good to hear a positive comment go head real fan💪👍👍

    Manuel Tovar Reply

    @Dana Jett thank you. Yes there is so much negativity from the fans it frustrates me too. But we have to stand behind our team through thick and thin. Some fans act like the money is coming out of their pockets. Lol. If you ever get a chance look at the jaylon smith story. Its hard breaking and very inspiring. Im actually a big fan of this young man given everything he’s been thru. A real class act.

Ethan Rhoads Reply

Y’all gotta stop doubting Stephen Jones he knows what he’s doing. Jaylon is special and not just with football he gets the opportunities that are ahead for him to create with his skills and this brand outside of football. All while still competing for a championship

Henry Hill Reply

Great contract for both parties. Not like some people we know. Jerry taking shots at Dak and Zeke . And he’s 💯% right. Smith will be beloved for many years .

    D. Jackson Reply

    Amari Cooper getting his payday next

Slippin’ Jimmy Reply

Congratulations! You sir deserve the big pay day. Your are a role model and a class act ( a particular person needs to take notes) God bless you and your career!

Henry Hill Reply

Pay attention Zeke and Dak

Ahmed Chaibi Reply

#11 highest paid were so lucky

Guitarslingin Zombiekiller Reply

Congrats Jaylon, you worked hard and stayed positive you are a cowboy for life bro.

Anthony Campos Reply

Jaylon Smith aka The Predator and Leighton Van Der Esch aka The Wolf Hunter, Best Linebacker duo in the NFL

    Tony Johnson Reply

    Anthony Campos. Absolutely glad they got this done.

    Jabukufo Reply

    Don’t leave out my man Sean Lee or his future successor Luke Gifford. #PurgeSquad

Jacob Calhoun Reply

I ordered my Jaylon jersey last week. Have loved watching him and seeing the man he is. So happy to support this player. Go Cowboys

    Texas Kid Reply

    I just received my Jaylon Smith jersey it’s a new gray jersey love it …. let’s go Cowboys

flyinglizards80 Reply

Same smile as his mama😁 god bless #54

Lorenzo Richardson Reply

Definitely got to get my Jaylon Smith Jersey now!

    Tyson Kemp Reply

    I’m witcha on that Lorenzo. I’m a Notre Dame fan as well. I had the privilege of rooting for him on 2 of my favorite teams. It’s a wonderful thing.

    Lorenzo Richardson Reply

    @David Kleinedler yes I agree and cant wait for number 6,7,8,9…..

    Robert Bennett Reply

    This TEAM has its ducks 🦆 in a row!!!! Cowboys are showing it’s HEART ❤️ with this important decision. Jalen has only elevated the “Clear Eye View” and the relevance of the number fifty four jersey he wears to the highest level.
    Being compared to the best already in his short career is only right. THIS is what the entire NFL should be, instead of the soap opera it is in REALITY. Everyone should take note of this young man, a TRUE sports hero, and the people who help them to make ANYTHING possible.
    This is NOT about money, it’s about FAITH in the man sittin next to ya.BELIEVE IT, Jalen is a TRUE COWBOY!!! Just LOOK at this athlete!!!! I feel sorry for Runningbacks and QBs this year…..

    Joshua Mcgaha Reply

    I said that same thing this morning

    Jonathan Reply


Lowry Crane Reply

Jerry Jones is a class act who goes after guys who become class acts. Things looking up!

Texas Kid Reply

I’m so happy for Jaylon much respect for him and his family I’m glad he’s a Cowboy for long time he’s the man with the plan let’s go cowboys …! Zeke come get pie 🥧

    M S Reply

    Met jaylon once, hes a great guy who deserves it!

Interpol Individuals Reply

I’ll have Jaylon Smith’s back for life. Cowboys for life. 🙌🏼

    Benito Luna Reply

    Interpol Individuals never been prouder for an ND alum

Jordan Mazzitelle Reply

Dude is worth every penny and honestly more. He took a friendly deal at 12.8 mill a year, even though the market is like 16-18 million a year. Hats off and total respect for him battling back from the major injury. I hope he has a long healthy career for the cowboys. Totally getting his jersey soon.

richard ramos Reply

I respect these guy! Team player! Team contract. And all around humble person.

Rue Glock Reply

5 years $64 million! 🔥🔥🔥 Best news I’ve heard all day! Congrats Jay!

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