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Le’Veon Bell’s Jets Debut | NFL 2019 Highlights

Le'Veon Bell finishes the day with 92 yards and 1 touchdown. The Buffalo Bills take on the New York Jets during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Isaac Chavez Reply

Is it me or can I barely hear commentary

    Danny Przedpelski Reply

    Isaac Chavez same I can barely hear it

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos Reply

Jets got a steal with him.

    upstairs cat Reply

    That’s debatable. They’re paying him a lot for a HB in his decline.

    Diamond Moore Reply

    @upstairs cat it’s really not debate able they got him in his PRIME dude missed a whole year and is still only 27

    Cj Prescott Reply

    you mean a “steel”

    Nick Hunter Reply

    @Cj Prescott Badum tss

Slightly annoyed Jets and Celtics Fan. Reply

He played better than the stats show. The kicking unit sold the game.

    FreelanceXD Reply

    Yeah, he’s a season removed from football, the Jets OL sucks and our defense is good, Bell did really good and I’m sure he’s gonna have some huge games this year.

    Slightly annoyed Jets and Celtics Fan. Reply

    FreelanceXD I thinks it’s more that your defense is really good. Our oline probably will do better against other teams.

How Bout Tree Fiddy Reply

Literally the only good all game for the Jets.

And C.J. Mosley.

    Alexcr_31 Reply

    don’t forget crowder

    clash man Reply

    Crowder crushed it too. It would be nice if the 2 other jet wideouts would show up in Robby Anderson & Quincy!

    Brock Wise Reply

    Jamal adams

    Benjamin Reply

    @TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan the average yards dont tell the whole story. He picked up a lot of first downs. He made more of a impact catching the ball

    TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan Reply

    @Benjamin yes because he was struggling to run the ball against buffalo but he also didnt play last season and buffalo has a nasty defense i get it i just take any opportunity to clown on the jets i lived in new Jersey for a couple years and jets fans are delusional and ignorant not all of them but 98% 😂

trooxel Reply

Le’Veon Bell gonna have a good season this year.

    Dontrell Austin Reply

    trooxel Yeah he looks good out there and he’s gone be a problem on that field this year

An angry Jets Fan Reply

A good start so far! Glad he’s here but god damn we need a kicker

    MinkahFitzGoat #FinsUp Reply

    @Fernando Adames It was not his first day lol

    Fernando Adames Reply

    @MinkahFitzGoat #FinsUp Oh no let me elaborate sorry his FIRST DAY COACHING NYJ REGULAR SEASON GAME. MinkhFitzGoat#FinsUp how did the Pins first regular season game go with there new head coach?

    Danny Greene Reply

    I’m now an angry Steelers fan after the tuff loss to the pats (33-3) but still wanted to come and see how good LeVeon bell is doing, after him leaving the Steelers, and nothing’s clearly changed.

    Awesome Sauce Reply

    They need deestroying

Daniel Gray Reply

Was funny watching the defense react to that 2 point

Mario Hernandez Reply

The jets need to feed the ball more to him that’s the only way they can help Sam develop

Hector Rodriguez Reply

As a Packers fan I wish we had a better Running game like Bell

    pa. encema Reply

    But you won 🙄

    100 Percent% Reply

    Bears gonna win second meeting

    Otherworldly Burrows Reply

    @TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan lol bro it’s not that simple

    TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan Reply

    @Otherworldly Burrows i know its not but its still the facts jones avg 3.0 against the bears d thats nothing to be ashamed about

    6 3 Reply

    Jones is fine. No Bell, but definently not a guy to sleep on.

Gmoney Gio Reply

The O-Line just needs to step up and they set

    Smokey Sauce Reply

    and sam ficken

Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career Reply

I love how he’s so patient with the ball as he runs.

Rowdy Asbell Reply

Man if the Steelers would have predicted the AB fiasco we’d still have this stud. RIP

    Jake 0429 Reply

    pat nice defense

    King J-dub Reply

    @pat Ya need to get a refund. James Conner and Juju are not AB or Bell

    Oswaldo Reply

    King J-dub yeah Conner looks slow out there

Jack White Reply

This is with a O line who couldn’t block DII players.

    Stephanie McCarter Reply

    Bills got the best defense in the LG buddy been that way for 3 years our O just catching up

Alibaba Saluja Reply

Best back in the NFL is back. Steeler fan talking

    Nash Scheber Reply

    Imo Barkley is the best .

    KingLos Reply

    I miss him man. Gonna be a long season for us without Bell & AB

    38kal Reply

    Top 5 RB’s
    1. Zeke (Dal)
    2. Barkley (NYG)
    3. Bell (NYJ)
    4. Gurley (LAR)
    5. Gordon (LAC)

    Larry Legend is a GOAT Reply

    @LRZR fr McCaffery is literally the Panthers

    LRZR Reply

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT exactly, the dude is the only reason they’re relevant lol

Youngboy_uzi_Kodak Reply

Not bad for your first game in 602 days #Bell

    Jeongho C Reply

    Has it been that long? Damn

Crixzly Reply

I’m glad Bell is doing good. Just wish our front office would’ve listened to him

    JJ Edwards Reply

    Crixzly him and AB huh? They lost two top 5 players at their positions. I guess Pitt wasn’t making noise with them anyway.

    S C Reply

    No because then we’d lose some defensive players we cant have all superstars who want alot of money and still play other players. Bell was 27 pitt got connor so they lwt him walk. AB was just Salty stop trying to defend them. Pitt has never beaten brady at home so please stop acting like this loss was so shocking

Geoff Thompson Reply

You wouldn’t know Le’Veon Bell sat out a season.

    Sprax Reply

    Best move to make. Healthy body

Yaahboi52 Reply

Bell is def your bell cow! enjoy him. loved him as a steeler.

Kevin Fisher Reply

I keep thinking I’m watching the CFL Roughrider’s in a game with these unis lol

Dominican sosa Reply

We need cornerback and kicker and o line was SUCK darnold had no time to throw running for his life

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