Le’Veon Bell Video Press Conference (8/24) | New York Jets | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Yehuda Benschar Reply


Jacob Lugo Reply

Hopefully o line does it’s job and Bell should easily get over a 1,000 yards

Justin Picciuto Reply

He is very well spoken. Hoping he backs up everything on the field. LETS GO JETS

    Chris Ciarcia Reply

    Yes, he reminds me of Curtis. Hopefully he can find the same success Curtis had with this team. If Gase and o line do their part Bell will have a very good year reminiscent of his Pittsburgh years.

Danny ODell Reply

Leveon looks really good in some of the highlights.

Jonathan Perez Reply

Hopefully Le’veon could get a better season now since they got a better O line now

Bryan Moreno Reply

“I told him no bars” 😅😂😂😂

Sean Kenny Reply

Give him a captain patch. His attitude is awesome

Tommy Hess Reply

This man better be a captain

1 Video 10k Likes Reply

Best of luck for you!

E Bizzle Reply

I hope we keep L-Bell, who wants to genuinely be here. He is a good locker room leader, & is only going to get better in coach Gase’s system the more reps they get together as well as the O-Line continuing to get better daily. Why can’t we keep him? Even his “No Bars” joke to Sam at the end was priceless to say the least!

Papa Bruh Reply

Give him the C on his jersey, he’s got the mindset and his fully committed to this team

Simply 11B elieve Lane Reply

This is going to be good season. We going to shock the League!

WeLuvManny Reply

I hope we keep Le’Veon 🤧

Khris Espy Reply

My bro real humble and ready to eat this year take flight !!

Lucas Pulkatis Reply

It’s so cool how he had his worst year of his career and he’s still my favorite Jet. I love this guy.

Jack Stone Reply

Love this guy. Has been my favorite Jet

Craig Load Reply

This dude gonna be a monster this year watch!!! 1200yds 10 tds

Chris Panetta Reply

literally love this dude, such a good guy, intelligent and i’m really hoping he can have a major bounce back year.

ksm224 Reply

I’ve never wished individual success on a single player more than I do RN for Leveon. It’s ultimately a team goal, but damn this guy deserves a great year. Does and says everything right. Team better not fail my man this year!

Will Kohler Reply

I read in Miami Herald that they going to let 15000 fans in stadium for dolphins home games this season.

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