Le’Veon Bell Press Conference (at Patriots) | New York Jets | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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John Pestano Reply

why we won’t sign Kaep idk Falk is not the answer at QB.

    Anthony Reply

    Enough with the Kaep talk. Darnold will be back week 5. No one wants Kaep because of the circus it would.bring to a team

    Gmoney Anthony Reply

    Kaepernick isn’t going to help the play calling and the oline

    Dark Demonik Reply

    @Anthony He is a Met/Astro fan a loser like Kap is *Toot Toot*

Dark Demonik Reply

Bell has shown he is not the same man as he was in Pittsburgh he has shown leadership and toughness and why he is the best player of the team throughout the losing *SO FAR* that can change but i believe the chats he had with Curtis Martin he listen deeply to his childhood hero and understands this is NYC and he can own the city by how he leads by example win or losing. I love his attitude and play. He has not slowed down his OL has gave him NOTHING to run through. Adam Gase is failing the team and needs to be on the hottest of hot seat NOW

Ralph Reply

The game against Eagles after bye week is so important. It’ll determine the outlook for remainder of season. Gase gotta motivate himself and figure out a win.

John Pratt Reply

I’m with you leveon ,shake them haters off

Marshall Plexi Reply

I Find it so ComvientforSam Darnold as heSuddenly gets ill looking at the early parts of the Ny Jets schedule
And also very Convenient for Sam Darnold to feel much better as the schedule in the eyes of the NY Jets gets easier
So Adam Gase can Now say like he dod on Miami for 3years”Oh I didnt have My starting QB and that why my team Failed”
And Sam Darnold can Now get praise for at worst making his offense look a bit better as the Jets think the competition and schedule is much easier once Sam Darnold returns”
So Sam Darnold will suddenlu be ready to play once the team doesnt have to play The Eagles ,ThePatriots and the Cowboys and will look like THE HERO when He faces off against The Jacksonville Jaguars and tanking Miami Right
Everyteam Has Injuries and the Good teams still carry on and Function at a high Level with their injuries

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