Le’Veon Bell Press Conference (9/4) | New York Jets | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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janice ginexi Reply

It’s gonna be fun watching you run for my Jets . I’m so jacked for Sunday, Jetupbaby

Luke Reply

Can’t wait for Sunday. Stadium is gonna be ELECTRIC

Donald Kephart Reply

Light it up Levon

ruinedcause Reply

He said all of the right things. Excited for Sunday.

sobalz1FSU's channel Reply


duraynoodle Reply

He’s ready for this 2nd act of his career.

Bear 7453 Reply

Sunday can’t come soon enough baby… haven’t even worn my Bell jersey still have the tags on it 😭😂😂😂

Vibz shop Reply

Bills have a defense though, am hoping SAM plays well. If Sam balls, we will win, if he lays an egg ya’ll know what’s going to happen🙏

Big John Stud Reply

Bills Jets, two teams with young stud 2nd year QBs, people better get used to these 2 teams winning a lot of games over the next 10-15 years

    Hamzah Ali Reply

    Lol stop, two of the worst teams in the leagues history

    Big John Stud Reply


Cade Thomas Reply

Lifelong fan even though I’m from and in Georgia. go jets baby

    John smithers Smither Reply

    Me too bro!!

mash1230 Reply

Great responses. Let’s go Lev bring your A game Sunday!

T EL Reply

His energy is 100% love that!


This guy is going to be a one man show.

Cheese N Crackerz Reply

Is you ready? Whole Squad Ready.

Im Dat ni66a Reply

jet tf up ppl we got a game Sunday 🛫


Bell is like a cat that don’t wanna get touched can’t wait to see him stiff arm someone right in the mourh…Jets Jets Jets. .

Incog Negro Reply

He looks in great shape. Lean. Not all flabby like he did when he played for the Steelers. Let’s go! #Jetup

    Romello Bratner Reply

    He didn’t play for us the year u saw the vid…last year ..

Victory Asher Reply

He looks like he weighs less than he did in the burgh…man, this outta be interesting!

jon M Reply

as Quinnen W says, Leveon Bell thats the best runnin back in the league!

WeRightNow Reply

Jest fans are going to go Fuchin crAzy every time he takes the ball !! 😀✈

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