Le’Veon Bell Postgame Press Conference | New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills Week 1 | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jay 14

He was the only one who played good on O

    Aaron Fleshler

    He had many carries for losses

    John Cucchiara

    Aaron Fleshler are you dumb?

    Trae Rabago

    Robby played good, sam just kept missing him

    Angel Castillero

    @Trae Rabago so true

Nick Hunter

The OL played like complete bums. No holes for Bell to run through whatsoever.

    Tyler Hoch

    When will people realize that the Bills defense is really really good smh

    Gmoney Anthony

    You gotta realize our starting oline haven’t play together in preseason so u can’t expect them to play good the first game especially against a great bills defense plus half of the sacks was on darnold, he takes to long in the pocket and he doesn’t looking to throw the football away or run with it.

    Gmoney Anthony

    @Scotte Easter y’all defense was healthy ours wasn’t lmfao

Geo Gil

Sam was flat and he looked like a virgin about to get some, the play calling felt like Bates and Bowles was still in the sidelines.

    Michael Shaffer

    They need to open sam up,its crazy u mentioned bates I thought that when they were three n out on quick passses n dump offs during the whole game.Sam missed robby twice deep when Robby beat his man,especially on the last drive….

Aaron Fleshler

How tf do u lose with a plus 4 turnover differential and the refs botching a safety call

    Mike Green

    New fan?

    Aaron Fleshler

    No I’m a bills fan


All the worries about him when we signed him but he came and more than did his part after being away so long. Hats off to him. Rest of team: get to work!!!

    Norman Alvarez


Kevin Polo

I pray we don’t drive bell away

Chris Quigley

I respect this guy so much more than Antonio

    John Logan

    Chris Quigley can’t compare the two

    Marist Old Boys

    Bell’s a Better player too.

    Stosh 64

    As do I, and I’m a Bills fan.

    Nerd 0208

    Antonio barely qualifies as a human being.

John Pestano

love LB he’s a true pro no matter what was said of him in the past. he’s saying all the right things preaching accountability, team play that’s what you want to hear. i hate when you lose by a point but like LB said clean up the little things and the NYJ will take off.

Dietrich Wallace

leveon is being nice to Sam. That TD pass was low and Sam missed too many crucial deep passes. I’m sure the Oline will get better as a unit and Sam will get his timing down. The scary thing is CJ Mosley’s injury. Defense was straight garbage when Mosley was out. Losing Mosley and Williamson is too much.

Mike Green

Lol what is the good having Bell with an OL like that. Same old Johnson just wanting to sell Jerseys.


Playoffs playoffs you kitten me playoffs..we’d be fortunate to win a game. .playoffs…next question.

    Norman Alvarez


Dennis Montalvo

It was a team effort to lose. Need a kicker too. We have no kicker.

    Jimmy Poe

    That’s number one. O line a close 2nd, cornerbacks also.

Joshua Casazza

He’s the best, the way he talks about football you can see how much he cares I hope we can turn it around.

Dominican sosa

O line sucks jets nation were in trouble no cornerbacks no kicker

johnny g

Singletary toyed with jets defence.

Jon Eckrich

Bell had a really good game. That 4th down conversion was a great second effort, and he blocked well, too.

James Snee

Two different approaches to free agency by both teams. Jets went big name high priced skill players. Bills went solid footballers to man the trenches.
Jets sold tickets, Bills won the game.

    Jimmy Poe

    Good observation.

Sean Sharp

Without Leveon and CJ these team is garbage


This guy is a beast, glad we gotten. No time to think about the loss, focus on the Browns

Michael Doty

3.5 Y/C but that has nothing to do with what the Bills did. LOL, okay Bub.

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