Let’s Try This Again | #AskTheBoys – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Let’s Try This Again | #AskTheBoys

After a second consecutive loss, David Helman and his reliable viewers try to figure out how the Cowboys can get back on track.

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aaron rogers Reply

We’ll be fine Go Cowboys!!!!!

Alex Mata Reply

How about the goat kicking field goals? I mean Heath has made some before. Wdyt?

Sean Trammel Reply

DB’s are not gettin their head around lookin for the ball on the outside

RamboSlice Reply

That is the most distracting background music I have ever heard. I didn’t pay attention to anything he said.

Plantbased Outdoors Reply

The best part of this episode was the shot of the cheerleaders crotch at the end. Oh wait, did I just type what I was only thinking in my head????? Damn I have to stop doing that.

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