Lets Have Drew Pearson just Host the Entire Draft #Shorts – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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OC34N 808

This mans ENERGY is awesome

Lucien Hicks

Whatever gives us less Goodell, I support it.

– the Saints fans

    Cole Raposo

    -everyone ever

    Mooses Videos

    Hahahah my brother (huge saints fan) said “get that bastard off my screen!” Talking about Goodell



    Nikao Harbour

    Ravens fans: we second that
    Lions fans: we third too
    Chiefs fans: we fourth that


He would make a movie out of every pick.

    Waalta Marley

    He will


    No he wouldn’t that’s real passion for he Gang!

crazyken productions

That announcement was heat ngl

William Codreanu

He is just the best


This was exciting, even as a Giants fan

Russell Westbrook

You can tell he loved being in the spotlight lol

    Scott Dewar

    But at the same time he gave shout outs to everyone else. Really pumping up old players, his old boss and the fans. Legend.

    Deepak Somasundar

    Russ don’t I have a game rn

Ahmed Omar Abdallah Abdallah

Best wishes dearest friends wherever you are blessings and blessings 🙌

Brian Washington

Bout damn time he got his RESPECK

    Ms. Diva 2U


Scott Dewar

Haha love it. What a legend.

Aaron Beaulieu

He sounds like a wrestler trying to play to the crowd based on whatever city he’s in


    Lol great comment

    Nicholas ‘Nik’ Gerse

    Cheap pop

Emilio Arrubarrena

“Home of one of the all time greatest franchise in NFL history” prove that he is a funny guy

    Shane Plyler

    They were one of the top franchises before the merger. After the merger…not so much.

    Ryan R

    You mean you dont know your history? Let me guess, just started watching band wagon Chiefs fan? 🤣

John Gramer

Drew Pearson: the BETTER number 88
Dez Bryant: am I a joke to u?
Me: WEEEEEEEELLLLL, u did drop a pass against the packers.

Connor Richendollar

When he said all time amazing franchise I thought he was gonna say Ohio state 😂

Pauly Huipio

This guy made it about himself rather than the guy getting drafted.


Regardless who you root for this man makes it fun to be a football fan.


A very passionate delivery!


Now that was certainly a HOF introduction leading up to the 44th pick of the draft

Jacoby Jupiter

Pearson sounds like he’s about to tell me that tonight… I’m going one-on-one with THE UNDERTAKER!

D Money

The undisputed heavy weight champion of the world

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