Lawrence Taylor: The Greatest Football Player EVER – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Rocco DeLucia Reply

I’m a Giants fan and this is a good video

Ethan B Reply

hell yea, always nice too know he wore blue, go gmen

Miguel Nieves Reply

Lawrence Taylor is my favorite player of all time. I have his HOF jersey & I have his football card. I just absolutely love this guy.

    Toolive Worm Reply

    Miguel Nieves me too bro

    Alexander Racano Reply

    I have his signed helmet

    Chelsea Canham Reply

    Couldn’t agree with you more. GIANTS are the greatest football team of all time.

Hypertension Z Reply

Wish I could’ve seen him play in person

    AquaSun 11203 Reply

    Me too!!

    EVO X Reply

    I did see him play


    It was incredible. Particularly that 1986 season he was literally UNSTOPPABLE. If you haven’t yet, watch his highlights on YouTube. If there wasn’t RB Jim Brown, L.T. would be the greatest football player of all-time.

    Mike DiCarlis Reply

    I did 2 x. once in 86 the other in 89. Was an amazing experience


HANDS DOWN!!! NO DEBATING!!!!!! #GiantsPride

    Original Name Reply



    @Original Name thank you

    eat a chicken wing Reply

    Aye is my big Papi azul Lmfaooo waiting for u to drop a video

William Cap Reply

Hell yeah LT is the greatest ever !! Never missed a game he played in.

    Shad Ruth Reply

    William Cap at least once

    curetc92 Reply

    @WilliamCap that’s cap you have missed a game

    Edward White Reply

    I hate my parents for not having sex earlier. I was born in 84 so I got to see him in 87.

    Swainy Reply

    Lmao TB12???

Ogulcanclips Reply

Tom Brady ain’t the goat, Lebron ain’t the goat, MJ ain’t the goat. LT IS THE GOAT.

    Big Ball Of Sunshine Reply

    Whoa there. MJ’s definitely the GOAT of basketball

    Adam Thielen Reply

    Matt Rapp you’re a fucking brainless moron. LT changed the way football was played. Tom Brady is great and I mean great but he didn’t change football like LT did

    Matt Rapp Reply

    Ian Jones lmao god damn you’re a fool

    Matt Rapp Reply

    Adam Thielen nice try loser. How can an adult be so biased and brain dead that he can’t look past his “muhhh patriots bad” and see the truth

Juan Reply

Bro this is one of or the best Defense’s I’ve ever seen growing it was you can’t bully us no more the 70’s that was so heartbreaking.this honor of being able to watch 2 of our greatest,Great have they number retired was pure old school MR.W.MARA&MR.TISH. THEY left us Eli Manning we need to retire his number. Juan bx n.y.

Stiner69er Reply

They gotta go back to these uniforms love them

Da Sports Fan Reply

He’d probably still be the best player on our defense right now

    Christen Smith Reply

    In his prime he’d transform our current crappy defense into a top 10 one alone!

    BRAVO2I4 Reply

    @Edward White A big win that the defense tried their best to give away.

    JDusmcJD Reply


    waggla05 Reply


gamebred26 Reply

LT is the greatest FOOTBALL player of all time.

Q-Dawwg626 Reply

The most impactful football player ever whether Offensive or Defensive…..I watched him in his prime back in 86’…. wish we had him now. DA GOAT🐐

    Q-Dawwg626 Reply

    @Shad Ruth LT literally changed the way offense blocking scheme was implemented….. that’s an IMPACT PLAYER

    Bill 11 Rings Russell Reply

    Shad Ruth nothing to debate there QB is by far the most important role

    Q-Dawwg626 Reply

    @Bill 11 Rings Russell True…. Lawrence Taylor was the most impactful player on defense that affected the offense mightily

    Ian Jones Reply

    @Shad Ruth nope qb is over rated

    Shad Ruth Reply

    Ian Jones not really cause you gotta score

Wayne Dam Reply

My favorite player ever to play in the NFL I have his rookie card autograph

    Shad Ruth Reply

    Wayne Dam how much I’ll pay

    Wayne Dam Reply

    It was 125 dollers at this football nfl shop in new york new hartford mall

ForzaViola Reply

I’m crying and I’m a grown man FFS.

But he was the greatest and he was ours.

im_normalll Reply

every tackle in this video is now a flag 🙂

    Pablo 366 Reply

    im_normalll lmao for real league has gotten soft

    CrYwoLF88 Reply

    Lol it’s sad isn’t it?

Loc T Reply

This man showed up in this interview in sandals. If that’s not GOAT status then idk what is

EscoThaRealest Knicks&GiantsFan Reply


Thierno Barry Reply


R B Reply

I’m a die hard Cowboys fan and LT will always be my #1 pick in any sort of all-time players list, make believe fantasy team, or anything when it comes to football. He is the greatest football player of all time.

    amitj78 Reply

    As a die hard Giants fan, right back at ya to recognize the greatness of Larry Allen. He will always be in the conversation for best offensive guard in the history of the game, and IMO is #1 for that position. A shame we never got to see these two greats go head to head.

    EDIT: I’ve watched this Larry Allen classic so many times I’ve lost count:

    R B Reply

    @amitj78 Respect bud! Larry Allen would no doubt be my #2! Even though it doesn’t showcase his talent as an O-Lineman, his athletic ability in that tackle during the Saints game is all you need to see regarding him lol. Two all time greats!!

    Gl this year with Daniel Jones, looking forward to the game in NY with him! He is the future for you all.


if he played in todays NFL he would be charged with murder

    Barry Love Reply

    And Tom Brady would have retired 10 years ago in fear of LT 😎

    waggla05 Reply

    Barry Love 💯💯🔥

    waggla05 Reply

    DRAMAKIN9 I agree lol

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