Lavonte David Mic’d Up vs. Carolina | Bucs vs. Panthers Week 2 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
The Meme Boi

Todd Bowles was changed this defense so much, I love it. Even the players are getting louder.


He’s been my favorite player. Haven’t had a favorite Bucs player since A-Train

    P K

    I PUNCH POLITICIANS man’s an underrated stud

Bradley Brutus

David 0:25 :”OJ, be great’
OJ Howard: “You good fam”


A good leader is able to lead to you anywhere. I’d follow this man into the trenches.


Can’t wait for next week against the giants 2-1 is going to feel great! With brees out this is our year


    Our D is going to *FEAST* on Sunday, almost feel sorry for shorting Eli’s career a bit but I like Ws.

    Shea Mac

    RocJordan dude it’s an nfl game no such thing as a gimme

    Shea Mac

    OneBucPerson you’re getting ahead of yourself

    Allan Hernandez

    Dont Jinx!


    One game at a time

Jeff P

The D is awesome this year


Wish I could watch the entire game with him mic’d up lol! Never heard David like this

chris floyd

I love Lavonte David, I hope he stays a Buc his whole career


Jesus man Jameis needs to loosen up a bit


    Hey man, as long as we get Ws I’m cool with J being a stick in the mud. Not like we won a lot when he was extra


    @OneBucPerson true, just dont want him to be something hes not

    Jay Els

    He really does. But the media and fans have broken this dude to an extent. I also think fatherhood has humbled him.

Tony G

What is Gerald wearing a gold C for? I thought you had to be captain of your team for 4 years. Didn’t realize captain status from other teams transfer over to new teams. Looks strange af.

    Jo Yutre

    Tony G
    The players pick them every year. GMac has a lot of respect from the locker room.

B Warf

It’s impossible not to include him on the Mt Rushmore of Tampa.


    Not yet. Selmon, Sapp and Brooks are three. Who gets the 4th spot? Lynch, Ronde, Rice, David, Alstott? There is a lot of competition for that 4th spot. Dude is great though.

    Allan Hernandez

    Whooa!! Bold statement, I love 54 but we have too many from the late90early2000s to carve in a mt. Sapp,Selmon,Brooks,and maybe A-Train who embodied the toughness of Tampa.

OG_Ryan Panther

He embodies the Bucs. Love this guy hope hes a Buc forever

Surreal Feeds

McCoy at the end 🙁


    Big softy. Glad he’s out

After Asteroid Survivor

We need to strike now!!!Brees is done, Cam is not Cam and we know Atlantas playbook. The time is s now to win the South. Pats capitalize on their oft-trash division. We need to follow that same path.Blitz Blitz Blitz!!!like a zombie hoard!!! Blitz!


Our time is now, with Brees down and the Panthers circling the drain the only competition we have for the NFCS title are the Falcons, and they just barely won on a game where Ryan threw 3 picks. Let’s go on a run now, also maybe see about getting Jalen Ramsey?🙏

    Jay Els

    OneBucPerson no to Ramsey. His attitude isn’t needed in the Bucs locker room.

    2Keen To give a what

    Trent Williams is who the Buccaneers should trade for

Bryan Tatem

Lavonte plays too much…and I love it. With all the problems, good to see guys flying around. Tampa D lives on!

LAnthony Thomas

He’s such a class act but a BEAST as well 💯💯💯💯

Corey Hall

Lol McCoy look salty af

Allan Hernandez

GMAC has love for his brother- that’s cool


GMac is a legend. So what he cares about the other dudes on the field? Dudes a legend

    2Keen To give a what


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