#LARams LIVE: Todd Gurley Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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JAKK X Reply

*Love yaz Todd!!!!*

Yumi Tokushige Reply


C Reply

I love ya TG!!!

Roger Pean Reply

News bulletin…………..You’re an entertainer. No one cares about your views on anything.

    Abu Ibu Reply

    No one cares… Except everyone who watched.

Nosy Rosie Reply

i love you, Todd Gurley.

BKK Reply

Todd Gurley, nobody cares what you think about the NCAA. Shut up and play

    Apex Monarch Reply

    BKK I care

    Apex Monarch Reply

    BKK you care

    logan colwell Reply

    He said he’d let his shirt speak for himself.

    Abu Ibu Reply

    He’s responding to questions. Not like he came in with a statement prepared. If someone asks in a news conference if you are religious and some says yes or no, you’ll get people saying the same thing, “Shut up! No one cares, just play ball”

Paul Salmon Reply

Just a nice man…Go RAMS!

Checo G7712 Reply

Brown or Gurley on fantasy?

Sami Ahmed Reply


The shirt can be purchased here!

littlesame Reply

Best of luck this season

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