#LARams LIVE: Todd Gurley Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Joey P

Todd your the best

Sojo R

Todd doesnt like doing these press conferences..

    Abu Ibu

    This is his enthusiastic and excited persona

alas d

please fix the audio… please

Apex Monarch

LA journalist gotta pick up on his energy. Ask him things that he’s interested in please.

Dat RanDumb Comment

Todd Gurley’s face during these Conferences lol. Look like he wanna punch everybody in the room



Kareem Osborne

I love Todd Gurley but watching him doing these press conferences is like watching paint dry.😂

Vote Conservative

Be nice to hear the questions. Imagine he’s pissed about that knee and bored of these…he’s gonna be there when we need him, though. Complete game would be nice Sunday, too. Would love to see us blow them out. Flex some muscle.

Aaron McMullan

They have to stay asking fun questions at the start then move into game related topics. Can see Todd’s interest lifted once he staying talking about his friends in high school and ended the interview more upbeat then at the start. Love Todd tho

Timothy Duckett

that chain on his neck


Either he can’t stand doing this presscon or the reporters are asking dumb things, I believe it’s the former. He looks so down in these videos… maybe have someone who can do this in better spirit

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