#LARams LIVE: Todd Gurley Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

The goat

Mike or patty Rhoades

The Man Todd Girley!!

    William Thomas

    Its Gurley not Girly

Michael Hernandez

Mc vay rams getting burned in the middle and secondary need to have defensive backs play up close to the opposite side dont give them to much room…

Heso Melo

Let’s beat the Saints and shut them up

Michael Hernandez

I love my rams…but u guys need to step up and play hard from start to finish…especially the defense…
U guys got burned by mc caffrey wow hes a real good runner and baller….

Mike Payne

Love TG! He kinda reminds me of Belichick with his direct answers.

Jordan Partiss

We’re nfc champs lets get the reporters a mic


This is a part of his job that TG hates…..

Anson Tsugawa

Love it, “why did you go to a soccer game…” Cuz I like soccer! What is up with these reporters.

Antonio Martinez

Why do the Los Angeles RAMS
Need to play the boycotting New Orleans Aints..
Old Orleans fans..all they did was Cry..
It’s all about the mod squad..
just want to say
Lets do it again.. LAR..
Here another one..
See all you fabulous Rams Fans in the Coliseum Sunday. Whose house? Rams house! 2020 Super Bowl contenders. See you there baby.

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