#LARams LIVE: Sean McVay Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Winning is not good enough people just hate on goff and the rams….
We have been and will be a playoff team for years to come!

If we let the saints beat us at home we will not have respect from any teams….
This is a must win..

    Lafonso Presley


    a a


    Rick Boeder

    Yes, let’s get this rams!

    a a

    So mad just saw how seahawks won forward pass all the way bengals cheated.


Lets beat the Saints #whoshouseramshouse!!!

    Rick Boeder

    Let’s do it!👌


    aaronbrad085 ramsssss houseeee

alas d

i cant hear the questions


We got a good group!!!

paul patane

Rams gonna split vs Saints and Browns. 2-1 after 3 weeks,I will take it. Then beat the Bucs down to 3-1

    a R

    Saints almost lost to Texans. They good but not terrific. Rams could be really good almost 20 points ahead then well . 3 pts ahead.

Mark Anthony

Why does everyone think Rams are going to lose to the browns

    a R

    Cause its 1964 😁😁😁😲

    Danny Albright

    Too much bath salts

Mark Anthony

If they couldn’t beat the Titans what makes yall think u going to beat the rams

Paul Salmon



Considering there was no pre season snaps for the starters, not a bad first game

Denzel Batts

Some of you so called LA RAMS FANS questioning gurleys knee are worse then the media …. can you let my boy get his rhythm first before yaw call it quits on him …. he’s use to being a every down back not splitting carries smh


Can we give the reporters a mic please?

Chris Balz

One thing I love about Mcvay is he never takes any credit and gives all the credit to his players, he truly is a special coach

Johnathan Kendricks

Good advertising mcvay have to go online to get me one of those hoodie man

    Dat RanDumb Comment

    The pants are nice too

Lithuanian Giant

I wish I could hear the questions. Any suggestions.

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