#LARams LIVE: Sean McVay press conference following TNF game at Seattle – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Annette Mendoza

Great game even if we lost .. Rams let’s go !!

    sophisticated ignorance



For the love of god MIC! THE! REPORTERS!!

    The Glorious

    Steven yes please.


I Love the Rams ! We better beat them in our HOUSE !!!! #RAMS4LIFE


I hope you guys beat the 49ers! Great game today!

paperbag mask

Hawks fan here, hell of a game you guys, I think all of us need heart medication after it, GG

    Ciaran Sinclair

    Hell of a game indeed, super tight, both teams deserved the win but you guys did just enough when it mattered, respect to Wilson for a fantastic peformance

    Look at Me sempie

    Ciaran Sinclair every time we play u rams it’s always a hell of a game and this year is the best for us and rams good luck for the rest of the season

    Ciaran Sinclair

    @Look at Me sempie Yeah it always a nailbiter, good luck to you guys as well, until we play again of course 🙂


Always positive I love Mcvay he knows what’s up. RAMS HOUSE BABY! Let’s do it!

    Xever Williams

    Yea I trust him


i have alot of respect for this young coach, he makes no excuses.


    TomBrazy12Hunnit diehard hawks fan here. Couldn’t agree more. Well spoken press conference. And for the record, that call on clay Matthews was BS 🤦🏼‍♂️

    Look at Me sempie

    johny2469 I think that the refs thought it was high and hit he’s helmet the refs make mistakes for crying out loud refs are people to 🤦‍♂️

Glenn Hendriksn

RAMS fan since ’73 Q: MCVAYs play callin’ actually (1) GOFF cannot run within RED ZONE for touchdowns ? NEVER HAS (for most part; never will) (2) GURLEY up the middle ALL time first downs (?)/wastin’ FIRST downs for NO yardage (3) WHERE THE HELL IS BROWN/HENDERSON ? since GURLEY is goin’ NOWHERE YO ?!! LOTs of Qs this “DAMNED” game RAMS lookin’ 10/6 this ‘juncture’ of the overall PIC 2019 “JUST SAYIN’ YO ! hhhhhmmmmmmmm (?)


Coach McVay….please keep the players and coaches at practice this ENTIRE week, and next. They’re making so many amateur mistakes, offense and defense. They need the focus! Eat and sleep at practice, por favor.

Shoebox Money

If you think Jared Goff is bad after this game— understanding his hots, ball out on time, accurate missiles — I welcome you to watch an actual bad QB. It’s not this.

    RK Belmont

    Not bad, slightly above average

    Jinja Jesus

    Ya he sturggled the first 4 weeks but i think he settled in now


From a Seahawks fan… The Rams are still a top 4 team imo. Two losses wont define them at all.

Yumi Tokushige

Playoffs!!! 👀👀👀!!!!


Hopefully they don’t have to respond every week. Why not try out Darrel Henderson and see if he can spark the run game.

Brian Nelson

FOREVER MY RAMS… Alot bad calls and passes but still got love for the rams.. Horns up


Seahawks fan here: Bug kudos to the Rams, you guys played your heart out, a worthy opponent, this game could have gone both ways! I would be saying the same thing if we lost.

    Xever Williams

    You guys always play us tough, our teams have a long history of thrilling games. Good win on your teams part, just like that we are mediocre. I believe McVay can dig us out of this hole.



Xever Williams

I believe you coach.

preston dow


novato tornero

Sean McVay still trying to make excuses for Greg Zuerlein, if Zuerlein miss another field goal he will be playing for another team next season.

Masseu Zhang

I have tons of respect for Sean
-Seahawks fan

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