#LARams LIVE: Sean McVay Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Above All Reply

Go Rams!!

G Capistrano Reply

Thanks for the videos Keep them coming!!! Go RAMS GOOO!!

Christopher Williams Reply

for the love od god … give the journalist a MIC!!!!!

alas d Reply

cannot hear the questions

Vote Conservative Reply

Aaron Donald. The Demolition Man. He’ll play.

Chris Nguyen Reply

Only 5 comments and 10K subscriber (less than most Youtube channels) for a team that reached the SB? LA fans are pathetic!

    Apex Monarch Reply

    Chris Nguyen it’s picking up slowly but hey what do you expect they left a bad taste in St. Louis


    Chris Nguyen piss off we are the real fans….
    We are underdaogs and i like it this way…….

Apex Monarch Reply

Can you please mic up the questions please? I’m hard at hearing


Go rams

Alfredo Forte Reply

Last thing the Rams need is a brain damaged narcissist like AB…..where good!😎

Luis Ruacho Reply

Can’t hear the questions

Split Image Reply

How much longer are they not going to mic the reporters better. If Mcvay says he will def start I wanna know who hes talking about but because the questions can’t be heard you have to guess who/what hes answering questions about.

Marilu Garcia Reply


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