#LARams LIVE: Sean McVay Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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ken mcdade Reply


TheTaco1939 Reply

I get that it is just an interview but could you guys in the future split the mono sound into a left right so that it is on both sides out a pair of headphones?

    Bearded soul78 Reply

    Man thnk you… I just thought the sound was out

MaDwOrLd365 Reply

Let’s kill the Brownies ! GO RAMS

alex fortier Reply

I dont watch these as much because i can never hear the questions being asked


    alex fortier even with headphones it can be hard

G Capistrano Reply

Let’s see how their o line holds up to our pass rush.. I think the Goffense is gonna put up at least 30 points.. LETS GO RAMS GOOO!! 🤘UP!!!


    G Capistrano they can not hold us…..

    G Capistrano Reply

    @†RVSTY TEVSPOON† got that right👍

Kainen Riley Reply

Best coach in the NFL

Kainen Riley Reply

Let’s go Rams on Sunday

Linda Fox Reply

Sean M…. bring home the win on the road…. right now, y’all are SO not getting the respect the team deserves!

pam0077 Reply

Please allow the reporters a mic. It would be great if we knew what the coach was talking about. thanks


Put them muts in dat pound……
Lets go

Ramiro Castillo Reply

Looking good so far one game at a time. Rams all the way

shindanu Reply

Could we have the questions from the reporters audible?

imdct imdct Reply

Get the journalists mic’s! Please! 😥😥😪😪😭

Cal Martin Reply

looking good Ma boi

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